Monday, March 18, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Inspired

This outfit was inspired by this pin. I daresay this pin may have began my affection for chambray shirts.  My version is of course, slightly different, but the idea is the same. It was one of those outfits that I just knew I would love before I even put it on. Do you ever have outfits like that? That's how I feel about tomorrow's outfit too!  Is it weird that being excited about the outfit I'm wearing that day is enough to get me out of bed happy?

The Pieces:
1. Petite long sleeve chambray shirt from Kohl's (sleeves cuffed)
2. Faux pearl necklace from Body Central Outlet
3. Petite black trousers from Bealls Outlet
4. Leopard print flats from Target

(I'm also wearing my Fossil watch that I wear almost every day.  I've never really shown a close up of it before because I don't even realize that it's there any more but today you get a good look!)

1. This outfit is so comfortable! I didn't even feel like I was wearing dress clothes.
2. I feel like this is flattering on my figure without being skin tight or low cut. The pieces all fit well.
3. I love the details of this outfit. It seems a little more special with the cuffed sleeves, pearl necklace and leopard shoes. Without those details it would just be black pants and a denim shirt but the little things make it into an outfit.

4. Maybe it's the pearls but I felt chic and sophisticated in this!  And my hubby, who never seems to notice what I'm wearing, even said that I looked totally chic (except he pronounced it "shick"!  Hehe, boys!).

1. This chambray shirt is a little darker rinse that what I would really like but it's something I can live with.  I think it would have looked better with black if it was a lighter wash.

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