Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fashion Adventure: I Heart Belts

This outfit was pretty much copied exactly from Audrey's outfit. But when I put on my version this morning, it just felt a little off. Like yesterday's outfit, the top was a little baggier and with trousers on, I felt like my figure was getting lost in an excess of fabric. Add a belt and suddenly I felt super excited about this outfit again! I heart belts!  Which is why I bought some more at Papaya today!

The Pieces:
1. Petite polka dot button down from Loft Outlet
2. Red statement necklace from Bealls Outlet
3. Petite black trousers from Bealls Outlet
4. Red bow flats from Bass Outlet
1. Great shape! The addition of the belt gave this outfit a great hourglass shape on me.
2. Sophisticated! Yet simple with polka dots and red. I even got a compliment from my principal!
3. Fit! While the shirt is slightly baggy through the torso area, it fits well in the shoulders and the length.

1. This belt has seen better days!  The elastic has been stretched a few too many times and the braided part in the front is starting to separate so I have to use a hair tie to hold it down.  No worries though, that's why I bought some new ones to replace it.  Check them out below and  then check out my other plan for what I'm going to make this weekend to use with these belts!

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