Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Different Vibe

This outfit is basically a different take on what I wore on Saturday.  Sometimes an outfit is just too good to only wear once!  But really the only thing that is the same is the blazer.  By tweaking the other pieces just a little, the outfit has a slightly different vibe.

The Pieces:
1. Long sleeve white crew neck T-shirt from Loft Outlet
2. Petite army green blazer from Goodwill (Talbot's label)
3. Teal and earth tone necklace (I don't remember where it's from)
4. Petite trouser jeans from Loft Outlet
5. Leopard print flats from Target

1. I actually think I like this version of the blazer/jeans combo better.  I think the teal and earth tones necklace really jazzes it up and accessorizes the outfit nicely.
2. The leopard print shoes go really well with the army green.  They add something special to a rather neutral outfit.
3. I think the dark, solid colors of this outfit and the straight legs of the trousers help to make me look longer and leaner than I really am.
4. Like I mentioned in the other post with this blazer, it fits me amazingly!  You can tell best in the photo below.  With my hands on my hips, the blazer doesn't bunch, rise, or have anything else weird going on with the fit.  It's because the shoulders sit right where they should.
1. These trousers get so baggy by the end of the day that they end up being a size too big.  What's up with that?  Then I have to wash them after every time I wear them too so they'll end up wearing out faster.  I took these photos early in the morning so at the time, they were still fitting pretty well but by the end of the day, not so much.

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