Monday, March 4, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Changing 5 Times

As I picked out the outfit above earlier this week on Go Chic or Go Home, I kept thinking about how much I really didn't want to wear it. I should have realized that if I didn't want to wear it when picking it out, I wouldn't want to wear it that day either. Well it turned out that the outfit looked totally stupid and I didn't end up wearing it anyway, mostly because the cardigan was so ill fitting that I looked ridiculous. So then I had to pick out an outfit on the fly, first thing Monday morning. I ended up changing five times before I finally ended up with something I liked.

Something I like

This stressful experience has made me see how even after two purges of my closet (or maybe even three?), I still have items in there that just don't fit! I think I need to realistically go through my closet and try everything on. I know that the new items I've purchased are mostly well fitting but some of my older pieces like cardigans and trousers really need another evaluation with a more critical eye. Now that I have a lot of things that I love, it's much easier to part with any item that is less than fantastic.

The Pieces:
1. White sleeveless polo shirt from Kmart
2. Barbie pink cardigan from Bealls Outlet
3. Petite dark brown trousers from Bealls Outlet
4. Wide brown belt (don't remember where it's from)
5. Brown bead necklace from Walmart
6. Honey bow flats from Bass Outlet

1. I remembered that the last time I wore this cardigan, my figure got lost in it so this time I belted it and I think the silhouette is much nicer and more feminine.  Yea for hourglass!
2. Since the color of the pants is echoed in the necklace and the belt, I think this outfit came off as more planned out than it was.

1. The pants are awful! You probably can't tell from the pictures but the rise of these pants is so high that when they are sitting where they are supposed to, they are above my belly button. Not only is that uncomfortable, but they have a serious case of Mom Jean butt going on! Not attractive! These pants are going straight to the donate pile after they get washed. And I'm never buying another pair of pants from Bealls Outlet again! Of the four pants I still own from there, three pairs have this same awful high rise.  But yet they kept falling way down all day so the inseam was halfway to my knees!  Nothing like making my legs look even shorter than they already are and my butt bigger than it is.
2. Since I threw this outfit together at the last minute, all day I felt like I was wearing something that had been thrown together. I just lacked the confidence that a well planned outfit might have given me. Even if the outfit looked planned, I didn't feel planned. Does that make sense?

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