Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Busy Girl

This is going to be a quick post because I am a busy girl today!  There's not been a moment's rest for me and I have just twenty-five minutes until I have to go change clothes and get ready to go again!  My husband's Teacher of the Year ceremony is tonight so I get to get all dolled up in a pretty dress!  I'll try to snap some pictures to share later this week but for now, I'm off!

The Pieces:
1. White, purple and tan button down blouse from Goodwill (Banana Republic tag)
2. Petite textured brown trousers from Kohl's
3. Camel V-neck cardigan from Target
4. Honey bow flats from Bass Outlet
5. Beige teardrop earrings from Walmart

1. I was a little iffy on this blouse because it doesn't go with that many of my other pieces but I got so many compliments today and people asking where I got it from!  I guess for $4 at Goodwill, I'll keep it and see if I can find some different ways to wear it.  It is really a beautiful shirt and it feels amazing because it's 30% silk!
2. I think the color combinations in this outfit are great!  It's not totally neutral but all the tones just work together perfectly.

1. Again, with this sweater over the blouse, I think my shape is lost in a sea of fabric. I felt like a belt would make the outfit a little busy but maybe I should have tried wearing the blouse untucked and buttoning the cardigan.  Not sure how that would have looked but it's worth a try next time.

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