Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Bright Colors

I don't know what is up with my cheesy fake grin in these pictures. All I can say is I was feeling really stuffed up this morning with lots of sinus pressure and I was totally not feeling in a smiley mood! But then I took a dose of Alavert and the pressure went away and then I was as happy as a clam in my extremely bright colors!

The Pieces:
1. White scoop neck T-shirt from Target (I actually hemmed the bottom of this shirt because it was too long for my short torso.)
2. Bright pink sequin V-neck cardigan from Target
3. Bright orange pencil skirt from Target (I hemmed the length on this skirt too.)
4. Brown opaque tights from Walmart
5. Honey bow flats from Bass Outlet
6. Gold and emerald necklace, a gift from my husband years ago

I just realized that basically my entire outfit came from Target. LOL

1. I love the bright color combination of the orange skirt and pink cardigan!  Bright colors always seem to brighten my mood. And on this sunny 75 degree day here in Northern Florida, these colors felt very appropriate.
2. I just love love love this skirt! Seriously, you wouldn't think that a brightly colored skirt would be that versatile but I've made twelve different outfits with this skirt using Go Chic Or Go Home.

1. I don't really like how this cardigan looks with the skirt. Because the cardigan is not petite size, it ends up being quite long on me. I couldn't tuck it into the skirt because the buttons made weird bulges.  I think the length of the cardigan ends up making me look wide at the hips. Next time I think I'll try this skirt with a shirt that can be tucked in. That gives a longer, leaner look with a pencil skirt and more of an hourglass shape.
2. With two really bright colors in this outfit, I thought a statement necklace would be a little too much so instead I went with a simple delicate necklace but I still feel like it's not quite right. Maybe a scarf would have worked better. Or maybe a belt.  OH!! I could have tucked in the cardigan and then put a belt over top to cover the bulges!  Genius! This is totally a learning process but I feel like every day I get a little better at dressing myself and I learn a little more.

One really cool thing about Go Chic Or Go Home is that you can create ensembles and then edit them later.  Below is the original outfit that I had planned to wear.
Before wearing
Then after I decided that I think it would look better with no necklace, a different white top, and a belt, I edited the outfit on the website.  I also added in a note to wear the cardigan tucked in next time and the belt over top.  That way I don't forget the things I learned from wearing it today.

By the way, Go Chic or Go Home is not sponsoring me, paying me, or even asking me to talk about them or share their website with you.  As always, I'm just sharing something that I really am loving!  And this story is my last plug for GCOGH today.

So you can upload your own pictures of clothes and then add certain tags to them like "Not Worn Yet" or "Needs Replacement".  The website has a feedback section and I commented that I would love to see a "Needs Altered/Tailored" type of tag.  Well, GCOGH listened and added in a "Needs Alterations" tag!!  And on Twitter, they gave me credit for the idea and thanked me for the feedback!  To be honest, I was shocked and thrilled that a company actually listened to me.  I feel so important!!  Hehe!


  1. I love the GCOGH site but have yet to get back on to really utilize it... Must make that a priority next week! Also, I'm so in love with the honey bow flats! I wish there was a Bass outlet anywhere near me so I could try them on!

    1. Thanks! If you like the honey flats, you might check Rack Room Shoes. My good friend saw mine and liked them too so last week, she bought a pair of the same shade of flats with cute buckles on them at Rack Room Shoes.