Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Zebra & Red

 It's 9:30 PM here and I'm just sitting down on the couch!  Work, errands, a little fun shopping and a lot of grocery shopping and I am totally spent and ready for bed!  I'm making this a quick one because tomorrow a friend and I are waking up early and driving to Orlando to shop the outlets there!  So excited!  I'll definitely share my buys with you all later this weekend.  :)

This outfit would never have happened without  This is a really cool website where you can (for free!) upload pictures of all of your clothes and mix and match your own virtual closet!  I've had this zebra print short sleeve blazer for about two or three years now and I think I've worn it less than half a dozen times.  I always thought of it as sort of a summer piece and since I don't work in summer, I barely ever wore it.  I was thinking that I could totally wear it anytime of year if I could just find something to wear under it.  I also never wear this turtleneck but when I saw them in my virtual closet, I knew they would be perfect together!  Add in my red statement necklace and red bow ballet flats and you've got a killer outfit!  And I already owned every item you see.

The Pieces:
1. Black mock turtleneck from Walmart
2. Zebra print short sleeve blazer from Rue21
3. Black belt (came free with this blazer) from Rue21
4. Red ball statement necklace from Bealls Outlet
5. Flare leg jeans from Walmart
6. Red bow ballet flats from Bealls Outlet

1. I felt so stylish yet professional in this.  I got tons of compliments today, from students, other teachers, parents, and other school staff.  This outfit was a big hit to others too.  Yet I still felt like it was very appropriate for Friday as an elementary school teacher.  And this year's theme was wild about reading (with a zebra and red color scheme) so it was totally appropriate.
2. I feel like this is a very figure flattering outfit for me.  The belt helps add curves and accentuate an hourglass shape.
3. I was so close to getting rid of these jeans in my closet purge but now I'm really glad I didn't!  They fit me very fine but I never wore them before because they were left at a length to wear with heels and I barely ever wear heels.  Finally last weekend I decided to hem them (using this method to leave the original hemline intact) and now I feel like they are a brand new pair of jeans!  I'm glad I decided to keep them.
4. I love the red accents!  It adds just a little something special and takes this outfit up a notch.
1. The only thing I would say that I don't like is just that the jeans tend to stretch out a bit as the day goes on and with no belt on, I felt like I was hiking them up all day.  They are definitely the kind of jeans that are better with a belt but they didn't get awkwardly baggy in the hips and thighs like some jeans do after wearing them for a few hours.


  1. I love this outfit and it looks great on you! Have fun shopping tomorrow, I live in Orlando and we have some great outlets, I might head to one of them to do some shopping of my own! Hope you find tons of great clothes!!!

    1. Thanks! I had a blast and found TONS of great items at great prices!