Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Way Too Cold For This Dress!

Do you ever have days where the forecaster lies?  That happens a lot in Florida.  Like today when they were calling for partly cloudy and a high of 71 (which feels like 80 in the sun) and it never got above 66 and was dreary/rainy/crummy all day.  Grrr!  Not very Florida-like.  I looked cute but it was way too cold for my comfort in this dress all day.  But I won't hold it against the outfit, just the weatherman.  =)
The Pieces:
1. Black sheath dress from Kohl's (new)
2. Blue crew neck cardigan from Target (already owned)
3. Yellow statement necklace from Charlotte Russe (new)

4. Black and crystal belt from Ross (already owned)
5. Control top nylons in suntan from Walmart (already owned)
6. Black bow ballet flats from Bass Outlet (already owned)

1. Statement necklace! I got a ton of compliments on this necklace today, both from students and coworkers.  It has great contrast with the blue cardigan too.
2. The silhouette of this outfit is flattering.  The bottom half of the dress sits nicely and doesn't make my hips look big.  The belt helps to give the top half some shape.

1. I was so excited to find this dress at Kohl's that I didn't bother to pay attention to the fact that the dress is not really all that flattering on its own. The dress clings in some weird places and makes me look like I have some weird jelly roll stomach thing going on.  The top red circle shows where you can see the lump from my insulin pump.  The bottom circle shows what this dress does to my stomach when wearing nylons.  Not pretty.  Hopefully it's something that I can work with by layering other pieces with it but right now, I'm adding it to the shopping lessons learned list.


  1. I definitely like the way the cardigan looks all the way done up! The necklace is definitely a keeper!

  2. This is my favorite look so far. I love the yellow and blue and definitely think all the pieces work well together. Congrats!

  3. This outfit looks great! I love how you took the black dress and made it seem like it's just a skirt! I saw a neat trick where you take a tighter fitting camisole and wear it over a button down shirt to smooth it out so you can wear a sweater over top without the button down being all bunchy/lumpy.. I wonder if that trick would help smooth the dress against your body so you didn't feel like the top of the dress was doing odd things? I love the color pairings here :)