Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Turquoise

I know this was a short work week for me but it's been so stressful and long and I can't wait for it to be over!  I'm going to make a trip to Kohl's tomorrow and maybe find the black ankle pants or capris I've been looking for and maybe a brightly colored top.  Hopefully that will make the week end on a happy, stress-free note!

The Pieces:
1. Black long sleeve button down from Banana Republic Outlet
2. Faux turquoise necklace from Walmart
3. Gray curvy fit trouser pants from Kohl's
4. Black bow ballet flats from Bass Outlet

1. This shirt fits me amazingly!  After yesterday's overly baggy top and trousers, this outfit felt just right.  A great fitting top and looser trousers flatters my figure.  I never knew a dress shirt could be so sexy!  This top from Banana Republic is sized by numbers (2, 4, 6, 8 etc) instead of letters (S, M, L) so you can get a really great fit that is perfect for you and it shows!  And for under $20, I might have to go back and snag another!
2. I love the pop of turquoise in this other wise plain outfit.  It really stands out and makes a simple outfit more interesting.  I actually almost got rid of this necklace because it was just so absurdly long!  The chain is adjustable and when it's in the middle, the necklace hangs down past the top of my pants.  Even if I adjusted it to be shorter, the excess chain would hang down in the front.  Then this morning I decided to just use some pliers and hack off part of the chain.  Now the necklace is wearable again!
3. I realized after getting dressed that I could have paired this top and the pants with my red necklace and red flats and had a totally different look to the outfit.  That means this is an outfit that could really be versatile by just changing the accessories.

I don't really have anything that I dislike about this outfit!  That's always good!