Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Too Big

This shirt is just too big!  After yesterday's made-for-me shirt, this one is just sad.  This was a $12 shirt that I bought at Walmart last year and that's just about what it looks like.

The Pieces:
1. Green short sleeve button down shirt from Walmart
2. Tan and navy one button blazer from Papaya
3. Gray faceted gem necklace from Ann Taylor Factory
4. Trouser jeans from Loft Outlet
5. Honey bow ballet flats from Bass Outlet

1. With the blazer on, this outfit looks pretty put together and professional.
2. The trouser jeans fit well and are very comfortable.

1. As I said before, this shirt is just way too baggy on me.  I'm learning that one of the real problems that I have is that when I buy clothes that are not petite size, they just don't quite fit me correctly.  The darts on this shirt are not really in exactly the right place and it's too wide.  Since it was an inexpensive buy, I may end up using it as an experiment shirt to see if I can take in the sides and make it a little more form fitting and flattering.

I pulled the excess fabric to the back of this shirt so you could really see just how big and baggy this shirt is.  I'm really not a fan of any shirt that makes me look bigger than I am.  I don't need clothes to do that... I have cheeseburgers and ice cream for that!

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I have really enjoyed seeing your purchases and how you assemble outfits. I also love your nail posts.