Monday, February 4, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Teal Accents

I finally found a way to style my teal belt!  The funny thing is that I've had this coordinating teal necklace for ages (I don't even remember where I got it) and never once before today did I realize they would go together!  It's the little details that make an outfit work and the necklace really seemed to do the trick for this one.
The Pieces:
1. Basic Editions Sleeveless Polo Shirt in white from Kmart (already owned)
2. Merona Ultimate V-Neck Cardigan Sweater in Tan from Target (new)
3. Teal Faux Leather Belt from Target (already owned)
4. Teal Bead Long Necklace (already owned, don't remember where it's from)
5. Apt. 9 Curvy Fit Textured Trouser Pants from Kohl's (new)
6. Pewter Bow Ballet Flats from Bass Outlet (already owned)
1. The new pants fit really well!  Much better than the gray pants I almost wore today.  After taking pictures of myself in the gray pants, I decided that they had to go too.  (see picture at bottom of post)  I got these on clearance at Kohl's and they were a great deal!  They make my legs look longer and leaner than they really are.
2. I love the color accents of the teal belt and necklace.  I'm glad I finally found a way to style this belt into my wardrobe.
3. I felt professional and put together in this outfit without being overly fussy or uncomfortable.
Close up of the detail of the belt
The necklace is actually one long band that I doubled up to wear today.


There really isn't much about about this outfit that I dislike.  I feel like everything fits and flatters me well.  If I had to choose something I guess I would say that I wish I had worn my new leopard print flats with this outfit.  After leaving for work, I realized that they probably would have looked nice.

Baggy saggy pants
And this last photo is of my gray pants that I decided to donate.  As you can see, they are way too big on me and just look baggy, saggy, and sad.  I currently have a paper bag in my closet where I am accumulating items that I think I may want to get rid of when I clean out my closet again in another two weeks.  The bag is almost full already!  And now these pants are taking up space in the bag instead of in my closet.

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  1. Great outfit! Definitely a winning combination :)