Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Sweet & Sassy

I had totally planned on wearing my new sheath dress this morning but it was cold (for Florida) when I woke up and I was not feeling it anymore!  I had to come up with an outfit with pants on the fly and style doesn't come easy to me so this was a bit of a challenge.  I knew I wanted to wear these black pants.  A few weeks ago, these pants were uncomfortably tight but now they seem to be fitting slightly better so I decided to wear them.  I wanted to pair them with my new leopard print flats so I needed to figure out what to wear on the top.  I was really struggling until I spotted this bubblegum pink cardigan and decided it would be a great idea to pair the sweet pink cardi with the sassy leopard print.  I think it works!
The Pieces:
1. white camp shirt from Walmart (already owned)
2. pink cardigan from Bealls Outlet (already owned)
3. Long black bead necklace (already owned, don't remember where it's from)
4. black trousers from Bealls Outlet (already owned)
5. leopard print flats from Target (new)
1. I like the combination of the sweet pink and sassy leopard.
2. These pants don't do weird things to my figure.  They make them look long and lean.
3. The white camp shirt from Walmart fits really well.  You can see in the picture below.
4. The long necklace is a nice touch.
1. These shoes from Target are so uncomfortable!  I don't know why I thought these cheap twenty dollar shoes would feel like they cost more, but I was so wrong.  I had four band aids on my feet by the end of the day, even after trying my trusty Band Aid Friction Block Stick.  It didn't work.  And I was wearing trouser socks so they weren't even rubbing against my actual skin!  They rubbed against the back of my heels, and the front rubbed on both sides of my feet.  My poor tootsies were chafed to death by the end of the day.  I don't think I'll be wearing these again so now I've wasted my money and my feet hurt.  Big time shopping mistake.


  1. I love the outfit, especially the pink sweater!
    I've nominated you for a Liebster award! Visit my blog for the post.

  2. Is it possible to return the shoes? I'm loving your fashion adventures!

    1. I can't find the receipt and got rid of the tags and box. :( But I'm looking online at some different ways to fix uncomfortable shoes. If I find anything that works, I'll share it on the blog! :)

  3. Love the pink with the leopard combo!