Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Shopping Round 3

As a petite person (I'm under five feet tall), I have recently found that two of my favorite stores for petite sized clothes that are not too grandmotherly are Loft Outlet and Kohl's.  Both have a great petite section with a wide variety of clothes at fair price points.  I actually purchased everything below from the petites section and they actually fit correctly (minus the hemlines on the pants)!  Ann Taylor Outlet also has a huge variety of petite clothes, but I find them to be a little pricey for my budget.

Another great thing about Kohl's is that if you sign up for their e-mail service, they send you tons of coupons and sometimes they will even let you double up on coupons.  When I went yesterday and purchased all of the items below, I got $5 off and an additional 15% off my entire purchase and $10 Kohl's Cash.  In addition to the $10 Kohl's cash I got last week, I now basically have $20 free that I can spend starting tomorrow at Kohl's.  Plus everything I bought was either on clearance or on sale so I really feel like I get my money's worth there!  I'd love to hear in the comments what your favorite stores are and why.  And definitely if you also shop in petites and have any stores you love, please share!

I'm going to start again by sharing the list that I made before heading out to the store.  I find that making a specific list helps keep me focused when I'm in a store full of beautiful things.  I actually make my list on an app on my smart phone called Color Note.  You can do a bulleted type quick list but I prefer the text feature for this because each line is so long.

- blouses or button downs that will serve double duty for work or for weekends.  Preferably with special detailing at the bust.  Can be tucked in or worn out.  In jewel tones or bright, saturated colors.
- plain T-shirts that coordinate with other items in my wardrobe.  In petite size so the length is correct.

- trousers, cut straight down from the hips (khaki, navy, or gray.  Not black or brown)
- knee length skirts in solid colors or in prints (maroon, brown, plum, burgundy, navy, or gray would be great)

- statement necklaces that coordinate with other pieces in my wardrobe

I always go shopping anticipating that I probably won't find everything on my list.  That way I'm not disappointed if I only fulfill one or two categories, which is pretty much how it always seems to go for me.  Below are pictures and descriptions of what I found.

 ¾ Sateen button down shirt in dark teal-ish green
This shirt is from the petite department and was on clearance.  I loved the color and the fabric has good structure but is still sort of luxurious for a cotton blend.

Normally, I would have steered clear of snakeskin print but the colors of this blouse were so pretty, I didn't even notice the print much.  It has great golds, tan, fuchsia, magenta, and black.  I could pair this with so many other things!  And the fit was amazing on me.  The fabric is a synthetic polyester blend but it feels really silky/satiny.  It has enough structure to hide any flaws or jiggle.  I thought this would work great by itself, under blazers, under cardigans, and maybe even over a collared shirt.

Pleated tank top blouse in bright teal
This is the same top as above but in a different color.  This one is solid but it has an interesting texture to the fabric that jazzes it up a little.

Last week I bought a pair of brown trousers in the same fit and size from this same company and found that they fit like a glove!  So I was happy to find the same pants also in gray and tan.  These gray ones were a little too long on me, but that is a problem I have with almost every pair of pants I buy, so I've become quite skilled at altering the hemline of pants and recently, even some skirts.

While these are technically tan and not khaki, they were close enough for me.  And these pants were actually "petite short" so I didn't even have to hem them!  That is truly exciting to someone who always has to hem their pants.

So that's it!  Next weekend a friend and I are supposed to go to the outlet mall in Orlando so we'll see if I find anything there!  I pretty much have a good basis for my wardrobe and now it will just be a matter of adding a few key pieces here and there.  Next weekend I also plan on going through my closet again for a second round of purging.  For now, I have lots of things that need to be altered.  I decided that I could get a lot more wear out of my trouser jeans I posted here if I hemmed them to wear with flats.  I also found a pair of flare jeans hidden in my closet that I also decided to cut down to a length to wear with flats.  Add in the gray trousers and that's a lot of sewing!  I'm off to get it all done and a little ironing too!


  1. You got some great pieces! I love those pants from Kohl's :) I can't wait to see them in action!