Monday, February 18, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Shop Til You Drop

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent the entire day Saturday shopping!  My friend and I left Saint Augustine at 8:30 AM and I didn't get back home until 10:30 PM.  We drove about two hours down to Orlando and shopped the outlet on International Drive and the one on Vineland Avenue for their awesome President's Day sales!  And that doesn't include the shopping that she and I did earlier this week at Kohl's or the shopping I did Friday night at Walmart.  Seriously, my feet and hips are killing me!  But I have a wardrobe that's pretty much complete now and which I love!  I'm pretty pleased and now I will just have to add in a shirt here and a skirt there.  I found almost all of the things on my list and all of them were either on sale or clearance.  Yea for President's weekend deals!

Before heading out to shop, I always like to make a list of what I'm looking for:
- a statement necklace in a neutral tone
- Skirts and dresses that can be easily mixed with other pieces I already have
- blouses and tops that can be worn both for work or weekends and can be worn either by themselves or layered under blazers, cardigans, or over other items (This was a big hole I needed to fill in my wardrobe.)
- black cropped pants, capris, or skinny trousers to wear with flowy tops
- belt in a medium brown tone
- opaque tights in black, gray, and maroon
- honey, beige, or brown flats (I actually had seen a pair several times that I wanted but I was afraid they would be sold out of my size.)

Let's start with what I got from Kohl's.  I had twenty dollars in Kohl's cash left over from two previous shopping trips there so I wanted to use my free money and get a few more tops.  In addition to my Kohl's cash, everything I bought was either on sale or clearance.  I barely had to use any of my own money.  That's one thing I love about Kohl's, as well as their decent selection of petite clothes.  Everything I bought there was petite size.

Croft & Barrow Chambray Shirt
Splatter Chiffon Henley Set
Plaid Button Tab Shirt

Next, I had to stop at the grocery store to get milk and I happened to notice that my grocery store actually had opaque tights so I picked up a pair of Seasonless Black Opaque Tights.  Seasonless because they are opaque but not so thick that you could only wear them in winter.  I also picked up a new pair of sheer nylons since I got a run in mine last week.
Seasonless Black Tights
(pictured is not the exact same brand)
Sheer nude colored nylons (pictured is a different brand)

Then Friday night I did my serious grocery shopping at Walmart.  In addition to tons of food, I found some other great deals on accessories.  They had lots of opaque tights on clearance.  My friend said her Walmart also had the same tights on clearance so if you need some, you might want to check out your local store.  I ended up finding my size in gray and brown so even though brown wasn't on my original list, I thought they would be fun to try out too and for the low cost, I wasn't afraid of the risk if I didn't like them.  They didn't have maroon tights but I did find a great medium thickness brown belt that was also on clearance.
Brown opaque tights (pictured: different brand)
Charcoal heather gray tights (pictured: different brand)
Medium brown triple loop waist belt

Next, I scored big time at the outlets!  Let's start with the shoes that I have been lusting after for over a month.  I loved the unique honey shade of these shoes from the first time I saw them in the Bass Outlet.  I have the same ones in black but I really wanted this color too.  I didn't buy them at the time (I bought the black ones instead) and I've regretted it ever since and every time I went in that store, I kept wanting to buy the shoes.  Lucky me that when I finally broke down and decided to get them, they still had them in my size!  I guess this shade is not very popular but I love it!

Honey Bow Ballet Flats

Ann Taylor has a great petite section and they were having an amazing sale this weekend. An extra forty percent off of everything on clearance and fifty percent off of everything else in the store.  I found some great items at great prices and since they are petite, everything fit me amazingly well!
Brown long sleeve blazer
Eggplant long sleeve button down
Gray faceted gem statement necklace

Then I moved on to Banana Republic, which was also having some amazing sales!  Depending on what you were buying, the discounts were any where from 30% - 70% off.  After the disappointment of my black sheath dress, I was determined to find a beautiful dress that could be worn on its own and look amazing.  Success!  And again, everything fit like a glove because all the sizes I bought were petites!  I seriously didn't know that it could be so easy for me to find clothes that fit me properly just by looking in the right section.
Little black dress
Black long sleeve button down
Black, gray, & pink splatter tie top blouse

And last, while I didn't find any clothes at the Loft Outlet (probably because I shop at the one next to me all the time), I did find a pair of opaque maroon tights on clearance!
Opaque maroon tights
(pictured is a different brand)
I seriously found almost everything on my list (except black capris) and everything I bought was for an amazing price.  That blazer fits like it was made for me.  The original price was something like $150 and I got it for $31!  I definitely would say that my Orlando Outlet trip was a shopping success and I had a great time with my friend too!  My friend and I are supposed to be getting a big bonus (in addition to two bonuses that Brian will get) in March and we were discussing possibly going back for another day trip.  Hopefully they'll have some great sales then too!

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