Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Rainy Day Style

Today's outfit inspiration came from a combination of this post by Audrey and the need for a rainy day style that would keep me dry through lots of errands.  I had to take the day off today because I had a doctor's appointment with my endocrinologist and I planned to use the day to take care of a few other errands and some shopping.  (Don't worry, I'm not playing hookie.  My principal actually had me change my appointment to this day and asked me to take the whole day off so it would be easier to get a substitute!)  However, the weather was calling for a high of 75 and strong thunderstorms.  So I wanted something that would weather the wind and rain and still look chic.  Mission accomplished!  My feet stayed dry through the long hike from my parking spot to the hospital and to run errands for a bit of clothes shopping at Goodwill (scored 2 items!) and a grocery trip to Target that turned into a bit more clothes shopping.  Darn you, Target!

The Pieces:
3. Straight leg jeans from Walmart
4. Brown riding boots from Bass Outlet

The Likes:
1. My feet were nice and dry even through puddles with these boots on!  And with my hair in a messy bun, I didn't care if it frizzed up from the humidity.  A little waterproof mascara and the showers couldn't rain on my parade!
2. I always feel a little hippy in these jeans but I think they look pretty good in these pictures!  I was a little worried that since I was taking pictures in my bedroom today that they wouldn't turn out at all but I think the photos came out well!
3. The gold necklace is perfect with this top.  I can't take credit at all because I basically ripped off Audrey completely but I love how the top and the leaf necklace look together!
4. The maroon top really makes my eyes stand out nicely.  I guess the red shade is a nice contrast to my green eyes.
5. When the wind blew this flowy top, it felt really sexy while still being covered.  Additionally, I think this is a super versatile top.  I wore it last weekend with capris and sandals when it was 82 degrees.  You could also wear it under a blazer if you unrolled the sleeves.  I think it's a great combination of casual/dressy and sexy/conservative.  There's so many ways to wear it!

1. The boots aren't exactly sexy or cute but they do serve the function of dry feet.  Maybe when these ones wear out, I'll look for something a little prettier.  For now, I'm keeping them just for function's sake.
Sidenote: For my doctor's appointment today, I had to walk all the way from my parking spot (at the very farthest corner of the parking lot) to the front of Flagler Hospital in the rain.  With my boots and umbrella, I was still totally dry when I arrived!

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