Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Polka Dots

I loved the idea of this outfit but something about it just seemed to fall short. I think maybe the cardigan is too big for me. I really need to start shopping exclusively in the petites section because so many of my clothes just don't seem to fit quite right. I guess everybody has trouble finding clothes that really fit well but it just seems really hard when I am the size of a large child. (Side note: As a fifth grade teacher, most of my students are  just about the same height that I am!)

The Pieces:
1. White & black polka dot chiffon blouse from Sears petite section
2. Red 3/4 length cardigan from Target
3. Black petite trousers from Bealls Outlet
4. Red bow ballet flats from Bass Outlet

1. As I said, I like the idea of this outfit. A black and white polka dot blouse jazzed up with a red sweater and red flats. I've pinned several outfits similar to this one (here and here). It would look cute with a black pencil skirt too.
2. The blouse fits me well. And what do you know, it's from the petite section!

1. Like I said, I feel like maybe the cardigan is too baggy and long. I think my figure gets lost in some of these cardigans. I'm thinking this weekend I'll try to find some petite cardigans and see if the fit makes a difference.
2. The blouse came with a teeny white tank to wear underneath but it was so short that you could see my black pants under it. Instead, I wore a beige tank but it's a little too long and hangs out of the shirt (you can see in the top picture). If I tuck it in, it looks weird too because the blouse is chiffon and therefore see through. Awkward.
3. I feel like this outfit is missing something. Maybe some black stud earrings or a belt?  Maybe a belt cinched around the blouse but not the cardigan? Opinions?


  1. A BELT!!! I love this outfit and think a belt around the shirt and cardi would look super cute :)

    1. Thanks! A belt is exactly what I was thinking after I saw the pictures.

    2. Agreed! A belt would make a big difference.