Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Pinterest Inspired

This outfit was actually inspired by something I pinned awhile back. I was drawn to the combination of a chambray shirt, black pants, glasses, and layered jewelry on the two different women. My look isn't exactly the same but I really like the way it turned out. Professional with some pizzazz to keep things fun!

The Pieces:
1. Button down chambray shirt from Kohl's
2. Black pencil skirt from Target
3. Strand of doubled up faux pearls and chain (don't remember where this is from)
4. Deep burgundy tights from Loft Outlet (I thought these were maroon but when I opened the package this morning, I saw that it said deep burgundy.)
5. Leopard print flats from Target

6. Faux patent leather belt

1. The addition of the faux leather belt was totally by accident and yet I think it really adds something special to this outfit.  This morning after getting dressed, the shirt kept coming untucked from the skirt and I wanted a way to tighten the skirt a bit and contain the shirt.  So I added the faux patent leather belt to the mix and it was instant magic! (see photo above)
2. I love the combination of classic and sassy in this outfit.  The chambray top, faux pearls, and pencil skirt are all classic pieces but the fun burgundy tights, leopard flats, and faux patent belt add something a little more edgy to the outfit.
3. The fit of this outfit is very flattering.  Again, buying this shirt in the petites section made a lot of difference in the way it fit me.  The skirt was originally a little too long but I hemmed it (and the liner) so now it's a great length for me.
4. I felt really professional, yet chic in this outfit.  I used to wish I could just wear scrubs or something to work and keep it simple but now I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to wear some really fun and different outfits each day.  Loving the clothes I own makes me really excited to go to work because now I get to look cute every day!

1. While I love the burgundy tights and I love the leopard flats, I don't think I love them together.  It just seemed like a little much.  Next time I think I'll stick to just one or the other.

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