Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Peacock

Today was one of those dreaded days in the life of a teacher.  I worked at my school teaching for the first half of the day and had to go to an in-service for the second half.  This is dreaded for two reasons.  1. It's really hard to leave your kids halfway through the day because they don't want you to leave.  2. In-services for teachers are generally well known to be long and boring.  But today ended up being great and I was totally well prepared!  The building where most of my district's in-services are held is always freezing cold due to the air conditioning.  Therefore, this morning, even though the weather was calling for a high of 77 degrees, as a last minute precaution, I grabbed my boyfriend blazer.  My thought was that if it was cold I could slip it on and still feel professional.  It was a great idea and I think the outfit ended up looking professional but not too overdone for the occasion.  The blazer is pictured in the last photo.

The Pieces:
2. Peacock toned necklace and coordinating earrings from Target
4. Black bow ballet flats from Bass Outlet
5. (seen in the photo at the bottom) Black boyfriend cut blazer from Loft Outlet

1. Fit!  Both the shirt and pants are from Kohl's petite section and they fit so well!  The top hits in the middle of the hip like it should, the pants are a good length without needing hemmed and they fit and flatter in all the right places.  Yea!
2. Color.  The saturated color of this top looks great against my fair skin.

1. This doesn't really affect the way this outfit looks in the photos, but they were practically falling off of me today.  They fit well in the hips and thighs but I think I may have to take them to a tailor and have the waist taken in a bit (they don't have belt loops to wear a belt with).  Or maybe I can figure out how to do it myself.  Does anyone else have the problem of their hips/thighs fitting into pants but the waist is too big?  Grrrr.


  1. I definitely have the same issue sometimes. The tailor is my best friend.

    1. I guess I'll have to ask around and find a good one near me.

  2. This is 100% my "kind" of outfit! When I worked outside the home, I would've picked an outfit just like this for work :) As for the pants... I'm the opposite. I have to pick pants that fit my waist and then get them taken in at the hips/thighs. But I do feel like there are loads of people who have to have the waist taken in. If you're willing to "ruin" a pair of your older pants that have a similar problem, you could use them as a test run for tailoring these pants. I'd remove the waist band, add darts to the back of the pants (above where back pockets are), shorten the waist band (probably where the side seams line up) and re-sew the waist band back on. Or just unpick the waist band from hip to hip so you don't have to mess with lining up the front zipper/clasp up perfectly...

    1. That sounds like a big undertaking! Maybe that's a fix to let someone else do.