Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fashion Adventure: On The Hunt

Brian and I went shopping this weekend for a specific occasion.  He won Teacher of the Year at his school this year and in March he is being honored at their countywide ceremony, which is red carpet attire, according to the invitation.  A month ago, I owned nothing even remotely appropriate for this sort of occasion.  After last week's trip to Orlando, I at least had a little black dress that was perfect but I needed shoes and some jewelry to go with it, so on the hunt I went!  After a good deal of searching, I found exactly what I was looking for... along with a few other things.  Oops.  :-P

Petite Solid Crepe Shirt in Rouge Red from Kohl's

Petite Maroon Chiffon Henley Set from Kohl's
I am so excited about this shirt!  I think it would look great for work with a little T-shirt underneath and a blazer over top or it could be really sexy for a date with the tank underneath that it comes with and a pair of heels.  And the chiffon makes it comfortable all year round in Florida.  Versatility!

Petite Bracken Fern 3/4 Sleeve Button Down Shirt from Banana Republic Factory

Petite Orange Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt from Banana Republic Factory

These two shirts from Banana Republic were a steal at $12.99 each!!  They are perfect for work with a camisole underneath and could even transition to the weekend since the buttons don't go up as high as some button downs do.  I'm really pleased that all of the shirts that I bought could be worn for work or the weekend, depending on how they are paired.

Black Ruffle Pumps from Famous Footwear Outlet

I really wanted a pair of black pumps that I could wear with my little black dress for the Teacher of the Year Ceremony.  I only have a few pairs of heels and none of them really would go with that dress.  I didn't really feel like ballet flats were fancy enough but I wanted a pair of heels that was at least mildly comfortable and these were the most comfortable ones I found.  And I actually really like them!  The heel isn't too high and I can walk in them without feeling like I'm tromping around.  The ruffles make them a little more sexy and fun than plain pumps.  My husband thought they were totally fabulous too!

Last, I wanted a necklace that I could wear with the black dress that would add something to the outfit without being overwhelming.  I ended up finding something that I think will be perfect and of course, I found a few extras while I was at it.

Rose Garden Gold Leaf Necklace from Charlotte Russe 

This is a close up of this pretty pendant necklace that I bought.  I think it goes amazingly with the maroon chiffon henley above.

Beige Faceted Necklace from Body Central Outlet

I've had my eye on this necklace for weeks but every time I went into Body Central Outlet (which sells all their jewelry for $3.90 or less), I swooned over it.  I always saw it on the mannequin but not the jewelry section of the store.  Finally today I got brave and just asked an employee if I could buy the one on the mannequin.  Score!

Teal Faceted Teardrop Necklace from Body Central Outlet

This necklace caught my eye just as I was checking out.  To be honest, it was a bit of an impulse buy but for under $4, I don't really feel bad about it.  I've already thought of at least three different tops that I can wear with it.

Faux Pearl Strand from Body Central Outlet

This is exactly the sort of necklace I was looking for to go with my black dress.  Something classy and chic.  It might not be the necklace I end up wearing to the ceremony, but it's nice to have something very classic in my wardrobe.  Now I can't wait for March!

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