Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Not A Winner

Well, every outfit can't be a winner and I feel like this one is not.  It's not terrible but I think it just falls a little short of what I was hoping for.

The Pieces:
1. Pleated Snakeskin Blouse from Kohl's
2. Camel V-neck cardigan sweater from Kohl's
3. Brown textured trousers from Kohl's
4. Honey bow ballet flats from Bass Outlet
5. Brown tone dangle earrings from Walmart

1. With the heavier weight of the textured trousers and the sweater, I was warm all day on this chilly Florida day.
2. I love all the warm and neutral tones of this outfit.  There is just something about brown tones that makes me happy, especially the honey colored shoes!

1. I feel like this outfit just lacked a little something.  I tried wearing a belt with it but the top is a little too baggy and then it just looked messy.
2. I think the proportions are off on this outfit.  Maybe the blouse would look better with a more fitted bottom (maybe the black cropped pants I'm still on the hunt for) to keep the proportions more balanced.  I think the loose fitting trousers and a loose fitting blouse made me look a little like I'm drowning in clothes that are too big for me.  Never a good look when you're petite.

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