Friday, February 1, 2013

Fashion Adventure: More New & Old

This is another outfit made up of new pieces put together with old items in my closet that were hidden.  I loved the combination of a blazer and jeans.  Casual Friday never looked so good!
The Pieces:
1. Animal print blouse from Target (already owned)
2. Boyfriend blazer from Loft Outlet (new)
3. Curvy bootcut jeans from Loft Outlet (new)
4. Pewter bow ballet flats from Bass Outlet (already owned)
1. This outfit was comfortable while still looking professional.
2. The jeans fit me like a glove!  I swear these jeans were made from a mold of me.
3. With my glasses and this blazer, I totally felt like a professional grown up today.  I felt really confident and when I came home from work, hubby told me that I looked really pretty.  :)
4. The pinstripe detail on the cuffs of the blazer really add a fun detail.  Or you can roll the sleeves down and not show the cuffs.
1. The only thing I didn't like about this outfit was that when I buttoned the blazer, the ruffles on the blouse exploded out!  I actually wore it buttoned all day and I felt like all day I was tucking the ruffles back in.  Now that I see the photos, I actually like the way the outfit looks with the blazer unbuttoned better.  Next time!

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