Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Falls Short of Wow

Today was another one of "those" days at work.  One of those days where it seems like... how on earth is it only Wednesday because I swear to Pete this has been the longest week ever!  Ack!  And I wasn't even at work yesterday!

The Pieces:
1. Petite gray, black & pink splatter tie top blouse from Banana Republic Outlet
2. Gray longsleeve crew neck cardigan from Target
3. Black Worthington petite trousers from J.C. Penney
3. Pewter bow flats from Bass Outlet

1. I really like the tie top blouse.  The pattern is fun and the colors work well together.
2. This cardigan was looking a little big with the blouse so I copied something that I saw on Go Chic Or Go Home and used a cute little dragonfly pin to make the cardigan more fitted.  You can see in the photo below that I just gathered the fabric in the back and pinned the two outer pieces together.

1. I feel like this outfit is just okay.  There's nothing specific that I don't like about it but it just seems like it falls short of WOW but I can't really put my finger on what's wrong with it.  Any suggestions?
2. I think I would like this blouse better if it was paired with a blazer or worn by itself.  I'm not really crazy about how it looks with this cardigan.

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