Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Starting Over Shopping

Detailing on red belt
Wow, I am exhausted!  I spent a total of about eight hours shopping for practically an entire new wardrobe this weekend and then another four hours altering shirts, skirts, and pants for myself and even a couple pairs of pants for hubby.  Not a very relaxing way to spend your weekend, but I had a blast!  Let me also explain that this is not the typical sort of thing I would do on the weekend.  Hubby and I just got a bonus paycheck (and still have a few more on the way) so we had some extra cash to spare.  More than half of it went into savings but the rest we dedicated to fun!
Cuff detail on boyfriend blazer
Before embarking on this shopping marathon, I set out some guidelines to help keep me focused.  If you're thinking of doing the same sort of thing, you should definitely check out Audrey's Style/Wardrobe Tips Tab on her blog, Putting Me Together.  She has suggestions on how to build a mixable wardrobe, shopping mistakes, and she recently started a wardrobe from scratch series that is awesome!  I used her site as inspiration to help me focus before shopping.

First, I started out by making a list of items I was shopping for:
- fitted blazers
- A line skirt
- pencil skirt
- trouser jeans
- trousers, cut straight down from the hips
- statement necklace (I really wanted one like this!)
- high quality, comfortable high heels in a neutral color
- thin red belt that fits around my waist
- blouses with easily mixable patterns or colors, preferably with special detailing
- high quality leopard print flats, preferably pointed toe

Next, I established some general shopping rules to keep in mind.
1. Do not settle for something that is okay because of price.  Instead hold out for something you love, even if you have to pay a little more for it.
2. Steer away from synthetics that are droopy and shapeless.  Instead go for cotton, cotton blends, and fabrics with structure.
3. Go for pieces that will mix and match well, instead of individual or "special" pieces.
4. Stick to jewel tones or neutrals for a color palette.  Emerald, violet, ruby, sapphire, or neutrals.
5. If the store doesn't have the exact size you need, don't compromise on a size that's larger.  As a super petite person, this can tend to make me look like I'm playing dress up in Mommy's clothes, which was a big problem I had with many of my old clothes I got rid of.

With that in mind, I was off!  Over the last three days, I have been to: J.C. Penney's, Sears, Gap, Charlotte Russe, Dress Barn, Vanity Fair Outlet, Easy Spirit Outlet, Pac Sun, New York & Company Outlet, rue21, LOFT Outlet, Jones New York Outlet, Papaya, Body Central, Target, Old Navy, and KMart.  Wow.  Good thing I already have high quality shoes or my feet would be killing me just thinking about this list!

So after all was said and done, I found lots of pieces that I love, made some mistakes along the way, and learned a lot!  I'm really happy with what I got and I found a lot of it on sale and even had some coupons.

1. Petite Boyfriend Blazer - LOFT Outlet
2. Covington Petite's Blouse & Tank Top in White and Black Polka Dots - Sears
3. Gathered Neck T-shirt in Gray - Target
4/5. Cuffed Sleeve Jacket - Papaya (in 4. black and 5. teal)
6. White Camisole - Vanity Fair

7. Petite Curvy Boot Cut Jeans - LOFT Outlet
8. Black Pencil Skirt - Target
9. Petite Dotted A-Line Skirt - LOFT Outlet
10. Petite Curvy Fit Trouser Jeans - LOFT Outlet

11. Skinny Red Belt - New York and Company
12. Fit For A Queen Statement Necklace - Charlotte Russe

And just for fun, I included some pictures of the pieces.  I'll be doing pictures of outfits some time later this week, but I was having camera issues today and the pictures were coming out really blurry because I didn't have enough light.  I'll have to try again on a sunny day when I have better natural lighting.  These will have to do for now though.


  1. Wow! Great "guidelines"/"rules" for your shopping trips! You picked out some really great pieces and I can't wait to see what kinds of outfits you put together! (P.S. I LOVE that statement necklace you picked!)