Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fashion Adventure: OOTD Saturday

Whew!  I spent about seven hours in the past two days clothes shopping!  I've been to the mall, the outlet, and Target and I'm almost done with my "starting over" haul.  I actually live right next door to two pretty large outlet malls.  One of them is a one minute drive from my house.  I shopped around there today and took some time to think before purchasing a few items that I had seen and wasn't quite sure about.  After a bit more shopping around, I decided there are two items I want to go back and get tomorrow.  That's the luxury of living right next door!  But that's a story for tomorrow.  Today I'm here to tell you about the outfit I picked out to wear for today's five hour shopping marathon.
It was a mild 74 degrees here today in northeast Florida so I went with a tank top, jeans, and a 3/4 length cardigan and I was quite comfortable, even walking around outside at the outlet mall.
- Merona Women's Perfect Summer Tank - Target
- 3/4 sleeve Bracken Fern artist's cardigan - Target
- Faded Glory bootcut jeans - Walmart
- pewter ballet flats - Bass Outlet
1. This outfit was great for shopping!  It was easy to try on necklaces when I wasn't already wearing one and I could really see how they looked against the black tank top.  Also, because I was already wearing layered pieces, it was easy to see how items I tried on would look with different tops or to try on other tops.  (I tried on a lot of blazers over that tank top!)  Also, the ballet flats worked well with jeans, dress pants, and skirts that I tried on to give me an idea of what they would look like paired together.  And slip on shoes are great when you're trying on shoes too!
2. The extra detail on this cardigan made it feel a little more interesting than a plain one, which worked well since I wasn't wearing any accessories other than my everyday watch, medic alert bracelet (diabetic) and my stud earrings.
1. This outfit was more about function than style.  Kind of plain but it served the purpose that I needed it to serve.
I'm really excited about the pieces I picked up while shopping!  I've been totally obsessed with reading this blog and also this blog lately and I really feel like I did well at getting pieces that will work for what I need.  Also, if you have trouble combining outfits, you should check out this post and this post for some awesome tips!  And Audrey's blog is full on TONS of posts about packing for trips and also how to remix your wardrobe to make the most of what you have.


  1. I'm really enjoying these posts. I have been stuck in the same rut for what feels like forever. For being almost 35 my closet looks like it belongs to a teenager. Tennis shoes were my every day footwear. I'm slowly changing over to more "classic" and wearable pieces. I'm also just getting into scarves and I'm on the hunt now for nice, plain, basic tees that can go with anything. I think cardigans are my next step. It's fun to kind of give yourself an overhaul.

    1. Thanks Jaime! I have the same problem! At nearly 30, my clothes look like they should belong to someone half my age. I feel like I'm not getting the right "looking young for your age" vibe. I want to look like a young adult, not a kid, especially since I'm under 5 feet tall!

  2. I love the the colour and fit of the cardigan. Great buy.