Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Wednesday Outfit

I am one of those people who picks out their clothes for the week on Sunday night and to be honest, all week long I really was not very excited to wear this.  It doesn't incorporate any of my new pieces but I really wanted to see how these dark brown pants look on me in photos because I came really close to getting rid of them during my closet purge.
The Pieces:
1. White Gathered Neck T-shirt from Target (already owned)
2. Light Blue Short Sleeve Cardigan from Target (already owned)
3. Dark Brown Trousers  from Bealle's Outlet(already owned)
4. Pewter Ballet Flats from Bass Outlet (already owned)
5. Beaded Necklace (already owned)
1. I actually almost got rid of these pants because I thought they weren't flattering.  They are definitely a little big on me but I think they actually look okay on me.  They aren't my favorite but I'll keep them for the time being.
2. I like the color combination of the light blue and dark brown (I know the pants look black in the photos but I swear they are dark brown).  To me, the necklace tied the colors together well too.
1. Something about the tops just does not look good to me.  Maybe the cardigan doesn't work buttoned up or maybe I should have tucked in the white shirt.  I don't know but I just think the tops make me look lumpy, shapeless and not very hourglass like.
2. I like the brown and blue together, but not really on me.  I really just don't think that pale or pastel colors look very good on my fair skin.

Overall, I really wasn't a fan of this outfit and I don't think I would wear it again.  At least I'm really excited for Thursday and Friday's outfits!


  1. Maybe add a belt around your waist to give the cardigan some shape?

    1. That was my thought too and I tried my teal belt but it looked weird because of the pockets on the cardigan. I think it just doesn't fit well.