Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fashion Adventure: OOTD Wednesday

Today is one of those days where I really wish that I could have totally just scrapped 99% of the clothes in my closet and completely started over from scratch.  Sigh.  When I bought this cardigan at Target less than a week ago (before the closet melt down), I was thinking that I love my cardigans, get tons of wear out of them, and could certainly use another.  Now I'm not so sure this was the best choice.  This is a pretty kelly green cardigan with small white polka dots.  By itself, the cardigan is very cute.  But I'm finding it's harder to pair with other things than I originally thought.  I didn't really have any necklaces or scarves that it went with I couldn't think of any other shirt besides plain white that it would look good with.  I guess it would work with pretty much all of my pants but I'm just feeling less excited about it than I was when I first bought it.  Live and learn, I guess.

The Pieces:
- white short sleeved button down shirt - Walmart
- kelly green/white polka dot cardigan - Target
- Navy blue bootcut pants - J.C. Penney
- Sand colored suede boat shoes - Bass Outlet

What I Like:
1. The shoes are really comfortable!  This is my sixth pair of shoes that I've purchased from the Bass Outlet, and I love every pair I own for their comfort as well as being cute.  Who knew you could have both?  And these boat shoes have replaced my tennis shoes as my comfortable weekend shoes.
2. The white button down fits me really well and looks great on its own.  It's the same fit as the shirt I showed yesterday.

What I Dislike:
1. The fit of these pants!  Grrrr!  They make me look so big and hippy and wide!  Whoever said that bootcut is universally flattering was a big fat liar!  The really frustrating thing is that I just bought these pants two weeks ago and this is only the second time I've worn them.  And I may never wear them again.  Lesson learned: from now on, take a picture of myself with my phone in the mirror at the store before deciding to buy.
2. I found that I was having a really hard time styling this polka dotted cardigan today.  None of my scarves or necklaces seemed to go with it and I just couldn't really come up with anything to jazz up this outfit because it just didn't seem to go with anything that I had.  If you have any ideas on what I could pair with this, please feel free to leave a comment on the blog or my Facebook page!

Generally, I'm not too pleased with this outfit.  The pants do my figure no justice and the rest of the outfit is just plain boring.  I definitely need to do some dress pant shopping this weekend!


  1. Try trouser jeans. I find that the straight leg is more flattering on us ladies with hips.

    1. That is exactly what I was thinking! Any suggestions for where to buy them?

  2. When in doubt, black pants are the way to go. =) You should check out StyleChornicles; she lives in Texas so she dresses for the heat like you guys in Florida. You'll get lots of idea from her channel.

    1. Black pants and definitely awesome! My black dress pants are my favorite. :)