Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fashion Adventure: OOTD Tuesday

After purging my closet, I found it was much easier to try to pick out outfits for work than it used to be.  There's just so much less to sort through and most of what I have left are clothes that I really like.  There are still about twenty to thirty items that I keep looking at and thinking I might end up getting rid of but I'm sticking to my "wait a month, then decide" strategy.  Honestly, even though I got rid of five garbage bags of items, I still have that slight fear that if I get rid of too much too fast, I'll be left with nothing to wear.  I figured as I gradually add pieces that are easy to mix and match, I can always get rid of more later when I feel more comfortable.  Change doesn't happen overnight, right?

This is the outfit that I picked out for work today.  I tried a few different combinations, but this is what I ended up with and I felt really comfortable and really liked the look.  I wore this all day today for work and had my husband take a few pictures after I got home and I took a couple either in the mirror or using my cell phone's self timer.  Sorry about the quality of the pictures, as I see now that they aren't so hot.  Next time I'll use my good camera.

Let's break down the outfit into the pieces, and then I'll share what I liked and didn't like about this ensemble.
1. Faux denim look chambrayish button down shirt - Walmart
2. Black cardigan - Target
3. Skinny leopard print belt - Ross (originally posted here)
4. khaki pants - Target
5. black flats - Bass

1. I love the fit and color of this button down top from Walmart.  It's comfortable, doesn't need a ton of ironing, and the fit is flattering on me.
The color is most accurate in this picture.
2. I love the way the black cardigan and leopard belt cinch the waist and still maintain some shape to my figure.  I've never worn this belt around my waist before and I really can't figure out why I've only used it to hold up my pants before today.
3. The colors are all pretty neutral and muted, yet they still somehow felt special together.  It was all in the way the brown and black worked together in the belt.
4. The shoes are cute but really comfortable!  Work shoes are something I'm willing to invest in, since as a teacher, I'm on my feet all day.  These flats fit the bill and I got them on sale too.
5. This outfit could easily be changed up for different occasions.  Wear a skirt and some heels or sandals for a dressier look.  It dawned on me that I could have even worn the outfit this weekend for my date night!  Just put a camisole underneath with a few buttons undone at the top and maybe change up the pants to a skinny jean with boots.
Overall, I felt comfortable and chic and I got several compliments from students that I looked "stylish" today.  Yet the pieces are so basic and totally the sort of thing I would already have in my wardrobe.

1. After seeing the fit of these pants in pictures, I see how awful they look on me!  These pants are left over from my heavier days and I thought they still looked okay but now I see they look baggy, saggy, and too big on me.  While the color is okay, I could really use a pair of pants that fits better.  Maybe something with a wide leg that would make my legs look longer and leaner instead of making them look wider at the hips.  I am petite at only 4'11" tall but I definitely have some curvy hips and these pants do me no justice.  By the way, Stacy London taught me to dislike the pants for this, not my body.  This whole fashion adventure is about the clothes, not my body, as it should be for all women.

In summary, I love the outfit but definitely think it's time for some new pants!  Also, if you aren't sure about if you should keep that article of clothing during your closet purge, snap some pictures of it to get a more realistic idea of what it really looks like on you.  I swear these pants didn't look nearly so bad in the mirror as they do in photos and therefore, real life.  I think I'm going to find this true with lots of my pants!


  1. Yeah, the pants look big on you but the outfit is nice.

  2. I really like the "recipe" for this outfit, overall. I also really appreciate that you are breaking down your positive and negative points of your outfits. I think you're spot on when it comes to the fit of the pants. Just not quite right for your shape. I really hope you keep doing these types of posts; they're really inspirational!

    1. Thanks! It's helping me to really step back and take a look at the fit of the clothes when I take pictures of them. And it's making me think more about what I wear instead of throwing something together when I wake up! It's been really fun!