Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fashion Adventure: New Outfit 2

Yea for a sweet girly outfit!  I have to share with you the fact that I never wear skirts.  I was trying to think about it and the last time I wore a skirt was probably last year.  There's honestly a reason behind this.  I am a Type I diabetic and for about six years now, I've been on the insulin pump.  Using the pump makes life easier as a diabetic, but not so great as a girl because you have to have some place to attach the pump to your clothing.  Normally, I wear it on my pants pocket but you can't do that with skirts.  This year, one of the new teachers at our school is also on the pump, and I just found out that she keeps hers tucked away between the cups of her bra.  I never even knew she was on a pump because it's well hidden.  So that's the trick I used with this skirt to avoid the weird "pump lump" under your skirt or over it.  So many possibilities are opened up with such a simple trick!  Can you tell it's there in the photos?  I can't!
I know this outfit probably looks way too cold for most of you, but it was over 80 degrees here today in Northeast Florida and I was quite comfortable taking my students out to recess in this.  In the morning, it was a little chilly so at the bottom of this post, I showed you what the skirt looked like with my recently rediscovered trench coat too.  But you could easily turn this into a winter outfit by tossing on a cardigan and a pair of boots.
The Pieces:
2. petite dotted A-line skirt - Loft Outlet (new)
3. black necklace and matching earrings - Walmart (already owned)
4. black belt - free with a top from Rue21 several years ago (already owned)
5. George control top nylons in suntan - Walmart (new)
6. black bow ballet flats - Bass Outlet (already owned)
1. Fit!  The shirt fits me well and the skirt is a perfect length for my petite stature.  I felt put together in this outfit!
2. I felt that I did a good job of adding in the little details that made this outfit work.  As a shirt and skirt it would have been cute but the added necklace and earrings with the belt really make it feel complete.
3. I think the colors work on me.  Since I am so fair skinned, I tend to look better in saturated colors.  I feel like I look washed out in pastels and other paler colors so these bold fun shades work well on me.
4. Print!  I never wear printed bottoms and normally wouldn't even have looked twice at this skirt but when I bought this on Sunday, I was really trying to branch out and I think it was a success!  And it worked because there are four colors in this skirt, white, black, royal blue, and sky blue (hard to detect, even up close).  I have shirts in three out of four of those colors already so it wasn't hard for me to find something to wear on top with this fun dotted skirt.
1. This cheapo Walmart shirt has seen better days.  You can't really tell in the photos but up close, the seams are beginning to fade in color.
2. Again, the Walmart shirt!  It doesn't quite match the dark blue in the skirt exactly, which is why I separated the colors with a belt.

After cleaning out my closet, I rediscovered several items in my wardrobe that I had completely forgotten about, either because they were stuffed in among other items or because they needed some tailoring to get the best possible fit.  I plan on writing a post very soon about these items.  Keep an eye out!


  1. What a gorgeous skirt! I love this outfit and think it really flatters you.

    1. Thank you! It's amazing how just dressing better has made me look better and feel better about myself. It's a self esteem boost that I was really needing. :)

  2. I love the skirt on you. Very flattering.

  3. I love the skirt!! It looks great on you!!!

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