Monday, January 28, 2013

Fashion Adventure: New Outfit 1

I swear this happy, professional outfit gave me much needed extra energy today!  Last night was one of those nights where Brian and I both just tossed and turned all night and I woke up still feeling exhausted.  But the bright, perky colors of this outfit kept me going all day!  I guess that's a side effect of feeling great in your clothes!

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this outfit, let me just apologize for the hot mess in the background of these photos.  I've really been having trouble finding a room in my house with enough artificial lighting to get good photos since my "good" camera is on the fritz right now.  So I had to improvise and I've found that the lighting in the closet of my classroom is perfect for photos!  LOL!  I get to work super early so I definitely have time to snap a few photos on my phone before the day begins.  The background isn't pretty but the colors are accurate and you can actually see the details of the outfit better when the picture isn't blurry!
The Pieces:
1. sleeveless white button down shirt - Kmart (already owned)
4. black Worthington petite modern fit trousers - JC Penney (already owned; bought a few years ago but they still carry very similar trousers now)
5. black bow ballet flats - Bass Outlet (already owned)
1. Ummmm.... everything!!!  LOL  The color combination of teal and yellow is so happy!  I think the teal looks good on my fair skin too.
2. The statement necklace is a perfect fit in the empty space of the blazer.
3. The pants are flattering on my figure.
4. I felt really professional in a blazer, yet the fun colors keep it from feeling too stuffy for this fun loving elementary school teacher.
5. Overall, I feel like this outfit makes me look thin and creates a great hourglass shape.  The clothes do all the work to flatter my figure.
1. I really should have work a belt with these pants because they are looking a little saggy in these photos.  I always wear a belt with these but I was running late today and just forgot it.
2. The white button down shirt.  It's too wide so it felt stuffed into the form fitting blazer.  It's also not exactly as white as it used to be, even after bleaching.  I think it's time to retire this one!

I think my first outfit created with my new pieces (and a few old favorites) was a total success!  I honestly felt great wearing this and I would totally wear the same outfit with jeans on the weekend!


  1. I love the blazer and necklace combo! Super fun and bright :)

  2. I love this outfit. I like that you used contrasting colours. Also, that is not a hot mess, you should see my closet.

    1. Haha! It's amazing how we can pack so much stuff into one closet