Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fashion Adventure: A Little New, A Little Old

Today's outfit has a few new items and a few old items.  I was pretty stoked to wear this outfit all week but then it didn't turn out exactly how I had hoped.  However, I still loved wearing this!  It's so funny that a year ago I never wore skirts and now I've worn one twice in one week!  And loved it!!  Now I want more skirts, as I only own three!
The Pieces:
1. Ruffle Edge Tank from Target (already owned)
2. Gray cardigan from Target (already owned)
3. Red belt from New York & Company (new)
4. Denim pencil skirt from Vanity Fair Outlet (already owned, hidden in closet)
5. No Nonsense black control top nylons from Walmart (already owned)
6. Red ballet bow flats from Bass Outlet (already owned)
1. Legs!  I have them!  And they're cute!  Who knew!  Seriously though, I used to hate my legs and it turns out that 90% of the problem was that my skirts were too long and made my legs look short and stumpy.  Just wearing skirts that hit above the knee makes such a difference!
2. The red accents are super fun and punch up an otherwise boring outfit.

1. You can't tell in all of the pictures but the cheap $1 nylons that I'm wearing do this weird thing where they suffocate me and cause weird lumpy stomach fat to bulge out in odd places.  So aggravating!  And the funny thing is that I've had these black nylons for a couple of years but I never even opened them until today.  I'll be replacing them with some better quality and maybe more opaque ones this weekend.
2. Something about the cardigan just doesn't look right again.  I don't know if maybe I should have tucked it into the skirt or what.

And just for a little fun, I tried the same outfit on with gray boots in the photo below.  It works but I prefer the red flats.  They just looked so cute with the red belt!  I really liked this outfit and I felt really cute in it all day, even after work when I went to the orthodontist and then shopping.  I don't want to give anything away because I still have lots of shopping to do this weekend but I did pick up two items today!


  1. I like that the belt and shoes match! Try leaving only 1 button open at the bottom.