Monday, November 12, 2012


I'd like to say that after Brian's doctor's appointment with the gastroenterologist on Thursday that I have some news to share with you but it was rather anticlimactic.  Brian's biopsies came back without anything to even discuss (which is good because there is definitely no cancer, but we already pretty much knew that after the colonoscopy and endoscopy came back with nothing to find).  We explained to the stomach doctor that Brian's latest blood test came back showing that his sugars were way high and that was the most telling thing to the doctor.  He told Brian that he would be calling his endocrinologist to discuss the next step.

The endocrinologist had discussed putting Brian on insulin but wanted to wait to find out the results of the biopsies.  Brian's endocrinologist just called today and asked Brian to come in this Wednesday for an appointment to start him on insulin.  Basically, the gastroenterologist thinks that getting Brian's blood sugars under control will help reduce the effects of the gastroparesis.  Any remaining symptoms could be controlled through diet and medication.  So again, we are waiting for another doctor's appointment to find out what is next to come but at least we finally have some answers!  Brian doesn't like the answers and really doesn't want to go on the insulin pump but as a pumper myself, I have assured him that it's really pretty easy and not that big of a deal.  This weekend, we finally got smart phones, which make it super easy to access nutrition facts for restaurants and foods while on the go.  Knowing the nutrition information of what you are eating makes it much easier to follow the low fat, low fiber diet he's been given, as well as letting him know how many carbohydrates are in his food so he can take the correct amount of insulin.

This has been a long and extensive process to figure out what is wrong.  I'm really hoping that Brian will start feeling better soon.  And hopefully when he starts to feel better, both of us will start sleeping through the night again.


  1. Wow, I'm sorry to hear that you and Brian had to go through everything. My mom is a diabetic and has to give herself shots. She is also an Elementary teacher(4th grade now) I hope that the coming months go smoothly and you guys get some rest!

  2. Hopefully you are one step closer to a resolution. All of the tests, appointments, and anxiety will hopefully be over soon. I hope the insulin works and he feels better.