Sunday, September 16, 2012

Here I Am!

Hello Friends!!  I have missed you so much!  The start to this school year has been insanely busy and I have had about zero time to myself since um... like... July!?!  I'm exhausted!  LOL

A lot of people have messaged me and asked if I'd quit blogging and making videos.  The answer is no, I haven't quit!  Here's why I've been gone.

As many of you know, I am a fifth grade teacher at an elementary school.  What you may not know is that I am the head of the grade level and I have been for several years now.  This school year, my fifth grade team is completely new to the grade level, except for me.  That means four homeroom teachers who are new to fifth grade, two push in teachers that are new to fifth grade, and one teacher who is brand new to teaching.  There is a lot to learn when you go to a new grade level, and I am the person that they all go to for help and information.  Therefore, my classroom has been a revolving door of people coming to me for things.  For the first three to four weeks, there would literally be one person in my room talking to me and one to three people waiting in line behind them.  Ack!  I love my job as a teacher and I love being team leader because I am patient and good at explaining things but WOW!  It was so overwhelming and there were days that I left school on the verge of tears because I had gotten there at 6:30 AM and stayed until 4:30 PM but still hadn't gotten any of my own work done because I spent every free moment helping others!

In addition, my principal has asked me to take on more additional duties, like sponsoring our fifth grade math team (which I haven't even started yet because I haven't had time and don't really know what I'm doing), being a model classroom for another school, and being in charge of helping our teachers with their technology, such as the awesome new student response systems we got at the end of the year last year.  With more than fifteen brand new teachers at our school this year, it's been more than I could handle.

To top it all off, my husband agreed to coach the girls' golf team at the school where he teaches, so now I'm having to pick up his extra chores like cooking dinner when I get home.  After six weeks of work, things finally seem like they are slowing down.  Most of the teachers finally have their technology set up.  My teammates are catching on to how we do things in fifth grade, and I have even started leaving work before the ten hour mark (but not much before, sigh).  I'm hoping as time goes by, things will continue to slow down to where I could maybe just work 6:30 AM to 3:30PM and spend at least some of that time getting my own work done.  We'll see.  The nice thing is that I work with a lot of really sweet, nice teachers and it's rather like a big family.  So when I'm spending all of my time helping others, they are very appreciative and grateful.  I truly am blessed to spend my days doing something that I love and which I get fulfillment from doing.

Today is Sunday, and it's the first weekend since July that I haven't brought home any school work to do so I'm going to enjoy it and now I'm going to write about some fun makeup and hair stuff!


  1. Holy cow you've been busy! My head was spinning a bit just reading about everything you've been doing. I'm glad you work with good people, that probably makes it a little easier. Hope things get a little more back to normal for you soon.

  2. Yay, you're back! And you put up three blog posts in a row too! Your job sounds so stressful but I'm glad you enjoy it. It's so interesting to read all the behind-the-scenes stuff...I already had a lot of respect for teachers but now I have even more. Something else that people don't think about is the amount of stress that comes with dealing with childrens parents these days. Back in the day the teacher was always right so the parents scolded their children but now it's the other way around.

    1. That's very true about some parents! Luckily, I work in a low income school and most of our parents are extremely supportive and do everything they know how to support the teachers and they are really appreciative of our hard work. Generally, if their child loves you (which my kids do) then the parents will love and respect you too.