Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Classroom Pictures

A few people have been asking where I've been lately.  Well, it's back to school time for this elementary teacher and I've spent loads of time making my classroom cute and preparing to meet my new batch of students this year.  I had mentioned on my Facebook page that I would maybe post some pictures of my room and several people seemed interested in pictures so I figured I'd share them!  (NOTE: Most of the amazing ideas you see in my room are not my original ideas.  You can find most of the original sources by checking out my teaching pinterest page.)

This book is so..
This is a bulletin board idea where students can share fiction and nonfiction book recommendations that they have written.  I have this posted near my classroom library so students can see what their peers have recently read and enjoyed and perhaps it will help them to chose a book to read that they might also enjoy.

I bought these floral paper lanterns at the Dollar Tree.  There was one in each pack along with a cylindrical paper lantern with a Tiki design.  I hung them from the ceiling with ribbon.

On this wall, I posted several math anchor charts.  Again, look on my Pinterest page for close ups of these charts.

My little "office" area of my classroom.

Science anchor charts on the wall.  The black cabinet has a weekly figurative language station that I created.  In the corner, tissue paper fans from the Dollar Tree are hanging as decorations.

The purple charts are from The One Spot at Target and are $1.00 each.  They come in the small size pictured on the left.  For the right one, I stapled two together.  I use them to display what station students are going to for small group time in reading, math, and science.

Hanging from the ceiling is basically a laundry line that I use to hang more anchor charts.  I also used the Dollar Tree fans to make my group signs.

A wider shot.  The baskets on the groups are less than one dollar from Walmart.  They have pencils, markers, glue sticks, and scissors for the kids to use when making foldables.

My student computer area.  Some reading posters on the wall.

My office area again.  Paper lanterns from Party City.  The pack of three was $6.  The large pocket chart on the wall is used as a word wall.

This bulletin board will be used to display our classroom data.

The two posters on the doors were both in a pack from the Dollar Tree so basically $0.50 each.  "Be Kind To Your Neighbors" and "Think Before You Talk".  I had them laminated for free at my school.

Classroom Library/Small Group Area #1:
The smaller pink baskets were each $0.97 from Walmart.  The pink milk crate was around $3.50 at Walmart.  Instead of having a table for small groups to meet at, I have a chair for the teacher and students sit or lay on the floor and grab a clipboard from the milk crate.  The kids would rather be on the floor and it takes up less space in the room and allows for about seven students in a group instead of four.  On the bottom right shelf, next to the clipboards, are materials for my push in teacher to use in her small group.

Read Aloud Area/Small Group Area #2:
This is the area where my students sit for read alouds.  You can't see that well in the photo, but there is lots of room for the entire class to sit.  On the table I have student mailboxes for sorting checked work.  It also houses flower pens in a vase that students use to sign in and out of the restroom.  There's hand sanitizer there for after the bathroom too.  Under the table are more clipboards in a milk crate and an easel with a chart I use for small group differentiated phonics.  Paper lanterns again from Party City hang from the ceiling.  The reading word wall is a blue pocket chart.  Two more small pocket charts are stapled together to hold the classroom schedule.  A pink and green no name plaque with clothespins hold no name papers hangs on the wall next to the mailboxes.  On the far left is my bucket bulletin board.

Have You Filled A Bucket Today?
These little metal buckets were bought at the One Spot at Target (again, $1 each).  I use this bulletin board to encourage kindness and good citizenship among my students.  You can search my Pinterest page or Google to see some different ways that teachers have used these boards.  The bucket is basically a metaphor for your feelings.  Every person has an imaginary bucket that holds positive or negative feelings.  When you are nice to others, it fills their bucket.  But it also fills your bucket because you feel good about being nice too.  When you are mean to someone, it dips from your bucket and theirs.  So if someone else is nice, I allow students to write them a bucket note.  I review the notes and both the writer and the student who did the kind deed get a pom pom in their bucket.  I never take anything out for being mean, as I want to keep the board completely positive.  The students don't get any reward for this: no candy, no prizes, no free time.  It's based only on the good feelings that you get from doing good things.  And it works wonderfully, especially on those catty preteen girls.  They truly want to be bucket fillers because it makes them feel good!

So that's what I've been up to lately!  If you have any questions about any of the pictures or things I wrote about, please feel free to leave a comment and I will clarify and write you back.  For now, I am off to get some more work done for school!  I love my job!  :)


  1. Such a cute classroom! Good luck on the new school year! :)

  2. Such a fun classroom - your passion truly shows.