Monday, July 16, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Tribal

When I thought about doing this challenge, I wanted to stomp, kick, scream and throw an "I don't want to!" tantrum on the floor.  I do not like the look of tribal prints.  As I said in my stripes post, I'm not a big fan of straight lines.  I much prefer curves.  So when I was searching the Internet for a tribal design and found this one, I knew it was a tribal I would be happier about and it turned out that I loved this design.
My base color for this look was Sinful Colors in Nirvana.  This is one of those greige mushroom type colors and it's very nice for a neutral look.  I used two coats to make this opaque and application was okay, other than the fact that this polish took forever to dry, which is a problem I have with pretty much all Sinful Colors polishes.
Next, I stamped this atypical tribal pattern with Wet N Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme.  I used Shany Image Plate SH21 for the design.  Then I used a nail art pen to dot on white spots randomly throughout the design.  I'm pretty proud of the fact that I was able to do the spots on both hands by myself.  It definitely shows that practice makes perfect.  I've noticed that my fine motor skills in both hands have really improved from all the practice polishing, cleaning up, and dotting on.

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