Monday, July 23, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Inspired by a Song

Okay, follow me here.  The song that I was inspired by was Enchanted by Taylor Swift.  This is one of my favorite songs ever, as it reminds me of when I met my husband.  <3  Taylor Swift currently has a perfume out called Wonderstruck.  Wonderstruck is part of the lyrics from Enchanted so my inspiration was really the perfume bottle that went with the accompanying lyrics.  You can see what I'm talking about here.
The perfume bottle is basically a purple holographic bottle with gold detailing at the top. I used Milani 3D Holographic polish in Hi-Res to achieve the same effect.  You can't really tell in my photos, but Hi-Res is a holographic.  You can see the holo better in my swatch post about this polish.  I used two amazingly easy to apply coats.  Next, I knew I wanted to stamp on an elaborate gold image to mimic the cap on the bottle.  I chose Bundle Monster Image plate BM11 and Sally Hansen Color Quick in Gold Chrome.  Like many of my manicures, this one had a low point.
After painting my base coat, I wanted to stamp the gold design horizontally across the center of my nail.  Ummm... I'm terrible at aiming!  As you can see, every finger turned out looking awful.  So I removed the stamping, touched up my base coat, and tried again. This time I thought I'd just stick to stamping across the top of my nails, since the cap is on the top of the bottle anyway.  Success!
I actually really liked how this looked with the stamping only at the top.  It's sort of a half moon effect without my horrible off center moons!  I topped this whole mani off with a coat of N.Y.C. Grand Central Station and I was good to go.
I bought this nail polish specifically to do this manicure and it really did not disappoint!  I'll have to look into some different shades from this line, as the holographic effect was great and the application was incredibly easy.  The finish was super smooth and shiny, not grainy like I thought it would be.  If you see this 3D Holographic line from Milani, you should definitely give it a try!

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