Wednesday, July 4, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Green

I originally bought this Pure Ice nail polish with the intention of using it purely as a stamping polish.  I'm just not really a big fan of chrome nail polishes because they tend to show every brush stroke and nail imperfection.  This was the only green in my stash that had still gone untried so I grabbed it and sat down to quickly paint it on my nails, completely intending to hate it and remove it in less than twenty-four hours.  Oh, preconceived notions.  Silly brain.
So let's just start with the fact that this could have easily been a one coater.  It was fully opaque at one coat, but I just can't stop at one so two it was.  This dried fast, was easy to clean up from my cuticles, and was shiiiiiiiiiiiiny!  OMG the shiny!!  Essie's Mirror Metallics has nothing on this gorgeous shade!  Save yourself six dollars and pick up this shade, First Time from Walmart for two bucks.  I seriously loved the way this looked on me and I even got a compliment from a friend that it was the same shade as my eyes.
Each one of these photographs makes the polish look rather different, depending on how the light hits it.  In direct light, it is very reflective while in the shade it can look much darker.  Overall, I would consider this a metallic sage chrome.

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