Tuesday, July 17, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Glitter

Quick post today, as I am super busy with trying to make activities for my kiddos for next school year, getting work done for my class, and I have dinner plans tonight with friends.  Phew!  Today's challenge was glitter.  I only have one glitter polish that I haven't swatched yet, which is Spoiled's Cougar Attack.
I honestly only bought this polish because I thought the name is funny, especially since my husband has a tendency to be flirted with by older women.  LOL!  I laugh at him but he hates it.  This is a pretty coppery brown that would be well suited for fall.  This was two coats and in real life, it was opaque but for some reason the photos look like there are some bald spots.  Oh well!  I loved the look of this but removing glitter polish... ARGH!  Such a pain that I it almost makes me not want to use it... almost.  ;)
Also, I have the problem of glitter chipping on me quickly.  This lasted less than twenty-four hours before I had a big ole' chip in it.  Still so pretty though!

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