Sunday, July 15, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Delicate Print

Oh how this manicure failed.  The average person probably wouldn't really think so but I just really hated this color combination and that's why I consider it a fail.
Yellow is one of my favorite nail polish colors, as it is just so bright and happy on my nails!  I used Essence in Wanna Be Your Sunshine for my base color.  It's a beautiful bright shimmery yellow.  (To see the shimmer, enlarge the photo above.)  It's rather opaque for a yellow, and only needed two coats.
I selected the design for this stamp specifically because it seemed like it fit the "delicate print" category pretty well.  The image is from Bundle Monster Image Plate BM201.
I was feeling a sort of sunflower color combination but I was torn on whether to use Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Bronze Ablaze or Coco-A-Gogo.  I hadn't yet used Bronze Ablaze so I decided to go with it.  Mistake!
Once these two colors were combined, Bronze Ablaze really made the base color look much more mustardy and less like a bright happy yellow.  I personally have no like of mustard or mustard colored things so that's where this went wrong for me.  At least the painting and stamping technique was good but I really hated this and took it off in less than twenty-four hours.

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  1. this is gorgeous! I love essence nail polishes :) I just started a blog, yours is great inspiration! check out mine? xx