Saturday, July 7, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Black & White

I kind of liked today's challenge because it forced me to do something I would normally never try.  Black and white is sort of out of my comfort zone and just not something I would really think to do, as I always have some kind of color in my manicure but I ended up really liking this.  I tend to really like loud, in your face manicures but this was kind of low key and elegant.
My base color is Sinful Color's Tokyo Pearl, which is a beautiful frosty white.  I used three thin coats because I often have trouble with Sinful Colors polishes taking forever to dry.  This one was a breeze to use and I had no issues at all.  On a sidenote, I did not use the topcoat pictured, I just grabbed it for the sake of photos.  I actually used NYC Grand Central Station as a topcoat.  It doesn't smear like the topcoat pictured does.
I stamped over it using Wet N Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme and Shany Image Plate SH22.  The design is just some random geometric triangles.  I really like the design but I had some trouble with some of the triangles not completely transferring, as you can see above.  I don't think it's that noticeable if you aren't zoomed in so close.  Even though it isn't perfect, I still liked it.
The only problem with using black to stamp is that clean up can be a pain.  As you can see below, the polish gets everywhere and it can be hard to get off the cuticle area.  But again, at normal distance, it's not really noticeable.


  1. Pretty! I want to be more creative with my nails besides glitter and crackle polishes.

    1. Stamping is a great way to be creative without being good at nail art! It's easy!