Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vacation Pedicure: Starfish!

This is the pedicure that I've been sporting for about the past two weeks now.  I wanted something really fun and cute for my vacations in Pittsburgh and Saint Pete Beach so I went with one of my favorite shades for summer, coral!
The coral I chose was Essie in Cute As A Button.  It's sort of a light, tame coral that leans slightly more on the pink side than orange.  I wouldn't consider it a bright coral, but kind of muted.  I really like the shade and Essie lasts forever on my toes so I thought it would be great for my vacation pedi!
After two coats of Cute As A Button, I stamped with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On.  I used a plate from the Salon Express Kit I bought at Big Lots.  If you go to that post, the image I chose was the star on the fourth plate down.  Combined with the light coral polish, it came out looking like a starfish!  I stamped every toe, even though you could hardly see the image on the little toes but I really loved the way it turned out!  While I was in Pittsburgh, I had lots of family members comment on how cute my toes looked.  Even my dad noticed them!

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