Friday, May 11, 2012

Stiletto Tape Dispenser

I was walking through the aisles at Walmart today, doing my usual grocery shopping, when I walked past this beauty!  I literally stopped talking mid-sentence, grabbed the box and let out a cry of "WAAAAAAAAANT!" in the middle of the store.  Hubby laughed.  Random Walmart people stared.

In the end, I talked myself out of it.  Do I really need to spend $9.97 on a black stiletto heel shaped tape dispenser?  Beautiful as it may be, surely not, especially when I have a perfectly fine tape dispenser on my desk at work already.  But this would just look so much sexier on my desk!  Looking at the picture, I still want it, but I walked away with ten more dollars in my pocket today.  However, I thought it was definitely worth sharing the photo for any of you who possibly need a new tape dispenser.

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