Saturday, May 19, 2012

SOHO Crease Brush

I mentioned in my post yesterday about how I had purchased this crease brush at Walgreens.  I wanted to share some more information about this brush for anyone who is interested in picking it up.
It comes in a nice protective plastic tube.  On the back of the package, there is more information.  Below you can see close ups.
First we have some information about the brush.  I feel that this brush is too large for applying shadow on me, but I love it as a blending brush.  It's nice and large and really soft.
You also have some information on the back about how to clean it, in case you didn't already know how to clean a makeup brush.
Inside the tube is an insert that gives "beauty tips", which is really just kind of an advertisement for their other brushes and how you could use them.
The brush, as pictured above, is meant to be ergonomic but the plastic handle just feels cheap to me, which is disappointing considering that the regular price of this brush is $8.99.  I purchased this brush (with my own money!) on sale at Walgreens for $6.99.  While I dislike the handle and ferrule, the bristles are very soft, which is a plus.
And lastly, we have a close-up of the bristles.  For more information on this brush, check out


  1. I completely agree! The brush is simply ginormous! When I used it to attempt a crease shadow, the color completely took over my whole lid... So not what I was going for. Not worth the price in my opinion, Ecotools are much better.

    1. I definitely have some Ecotools brushes that are amazing! I actually wanted this brush because it was so big, but I use it only to blend shadow, not apply. I agree it would be way too big for me to apply shadow.