Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A New Love + My Math Nerdiness

Several people who read my blog or watch my YouTube videos have suggested that I should try the Equate Everyday Facial Hydrating Cleansing Cloths instead of the Olay Daily Facials.  As a lover of bargains, I was more than willing to give these a try when I ran out of my Olay.  I have a new love!  I actually like these even better than the Olay Daily Facials.  I find them to be softer, thicker, and more gentle on my skin.  They worked every bit as well as the Olay did but the price difference is huge!

Now for me to get all math teacher on this.  This Equate Hydrating Cleansing Cloths box, which has 60 cloths, costs $8.37.  A 66 pack of Olay Daily Facials is $11.97.  That means that per cloth, for Equate you would pay about $0.14 and for Olay you would pay about $0.18.  If you've been buying the Olay in packs of 33, the savings becomes even greater per cloth, as the 33 pack is about $0.21 each.  Now that might not sound like much of a difference, so let me persuade you with a bit more calculating.

Today's Problem of the Day: Equate sells facial cleansing cloths in packs of 60 for $8.37 per box.  Olay sells facial cleansing cloths in packs of 66 for $11.97.  If you used one cloth every day for a year, how much could you save in one year by using Equate?

Did you find the answer yet?  Well if not, I won't make you do the math.  I'm all sorts of math nerdy and I like these sort of things so here's how it works:

Equate: sells in packs of 60.  365 days a year divided by 60 cloths per box = 6.083333 so that means you'll need 7 boxes per year.  7 boxes times $8.37 per box = $58.59 per year

Olay: sells in packs of 66.  365 days a year divided by 66 clothes per box = 5.530303 so that means you'll need 6 boxes per year.  6 boxes times $11.97 per box = $71.82 per year

SOOOOOO $71.82 - $58.59 = $13.23.  Your yearly savings by using Equate would be $13.23!  That's two tubes of lipstick right there!


  1. Love your math nerdiness...I guess that makes me a nerd too. ;) Great find, will try to buy it if I see it in the shops.

  2. Just found your blog (through a link at Beauty Broadcast) and I am loving it! I especially love this post because as an accoutant, I do this all the time when I buy things - break it down to a per use cost.

    Keep up the great posts!