Friday, May 4, 2012

Manicure: And The Oscar Goes To...

Today's manicure involves nail art stickers.  After doing this manicure, I remembered why I had replaced stickers with stamping.  Stickers are a pain!  It's just about impossible to get them off the sheet.  When you finally get them off the sheet, they stick to everything except your nails.  Then they never look as good as they did on the sheet!  Grrr.
I started out with two coats of ULTA nail polish in The Oscar Goes To...  It was a mini polish in a set of 4 that Brian had bought me a few years ago at Christmas.  It's a pretty gold glitter with large chunks of holographic glitter.  No matter how many pictures I took, I just could not do this polish justice.  It is a hundred times prettier in real life!
Then I applied some black stickers.  I put a different design on each nail for fun.  The stickers were a pain and didn't really look great.  I had already removed my pinky and thumb polish before I remembered that I should probably take pictures so that's why you don't see them.  I don't recommend the nail stickers but I would definitely tell you to take a look at that polish if you can find it at Ulta.  It's stunning!