Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Forgot About That One

Have you ever noticed if you leave something in one place for a long time, it almost seems to become invisible?  For example, if you hang up a painting on your wall and leave it in the same spot for a few months, you almost completely forget it's there.  That's what happened to this product for me.

I bought this pHisoderm moisturizer for $4.50 at Big Lots over Christmas because I was wanting a moisturizer with SPF that was oil-free.  I ended up really not liking it.  It is very thick and smells heavily like sunscreen.  So I set it on my shelf with the rest of my skincare products.  There it has sat for nearly six months without being touched.  The other moisturizers that I use everyday literally sit right next to it and I look at this item every day but I swear I didn't even notice it was there until a few days ago.
The whole point of this story is that I am now adding this into my daily routine for my Project X Pan, in hopes of eventually using it up.  I've marked where (I think) the bottom of the plunger is so I can track my progress.

I definitely do not like this product and wouldn't repurchase it, but it isn't so bad that I can't use it up.  I just mostly don't like the strong smell but after an hour or so it goes away and it is a pretty good moisturizer so I can tolerate it long enough to use it up.  Add another product to the list!

P.S.: I just realized that I now have less than a month to go on my Project X Pan!  Today is May 9th and my finish date is June 8th!

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