Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Newly Finished Items

This has been one of those weeks where I'm finishing a lot of products!  It always seems to me that I finish things in rounds.  In other words, I may go two weeks without finishing anything then I'll have a week where I finish loads of products.  Here are a few of the things I've finished over the last few days!
1. pHisoderm oil-free SPF 15 moisturizer
2. Physician's Formula Bamboo Wear Face Powder (Thank goodness, I HATED this stuff!!)
3. Sally Girl Eyeshadow Single in Champagne
4. Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliner Trio for Nude Eyes, Champagne shade
5. e.l.f. Hypershine Lip Gloss in Fairy

I only have about one week left in my Project X Pan and I am really close to finishing several other products as well!!  I can't wait to see what the total number of items turns out to be!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bargain Buy: Salon Express Stamping Kit

I occasionally enjoy scoping out Big Lots stores for beauty bargains and the other day I found this.  It's the Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit and it was only $6.50!  I picked one up for myself for the five fun plates that came along with the kit.  I was too excited to wait forgot to stop and take a picture before opening the package, but this is what was inside.
The kit comes with:
- 1 stamper
- 1 scraper
- 1 plate holder
- 5 stamping plates

The nice thing about the plates is that they have the secure paper backing so you don't cut your finger!

And here are the five plates that it comes with.  I think they are super cute!  I really wanted the turtle and the seahorse!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Manicure Monday: Crushed White Flowers

Enlarge to see the SHIMMER!
Excuse the cheesy title, it just worked out that way.  ;-P  Anyways, I loved this manicure and got tons of compliments!  This was one of the first manicures I did where I stamped a full nail design and it was big enough to cover all of my nails, even my thumb!
After a coat of Orly's Bonder, I applied two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Crushed.  This is a lovely summer color.  It's a dark reddish orange with LOTSA shimmer!  It's really beautiful and I think it would look great on toes for the summer!  This was easy application.
Next, I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On to stamp the flower image from Shany plate SH18.  White On is not as bright white as Konad Special Polish in White (which I also have) but I kind of liked that for this manicure, as I didn't want the white to be screaming loud, but rather, soft and kind of delicate.  I topped it off with a coat of NYC Grand Central Station and I was good to go!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last Week's Stash Items

Once again, here are the items that I shopped from my stash last week.  I feel like it was quite a lot!  To be honest, I can't wait to get back to just using what I want when I feel like it but I'm still working on using up some items before the end of my Project X Pan!  Less than two weeks left!


I'm still working on using up that Sally Girl Eyeshadow Single in Champagne.  It's almost gone!  I had to scrape the last bits out of the outer corners so I'm thinking just a few more days and it's gone.  All of the shadows that I shopped this week were used in the crease or outer corner with Champagne on the lid.
Top: Too Faced Pixie Pin-Ups Palette (the two brown shades)
Middle: e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow Single in Saddle, Too Faced Eyeshadow Single in Amber Asteroid, NYC Color Wheel Eyeshadow in Brown Eyed Girl
Bottom: ULTA Mineral Eyeshadow in Cinnamon, Savvy Satin Eyeshadow in Burgundy


Top: Rimmel Lipstick in Airy Fairy, e.l.f. Lipstick in Nostalgic, Neutrogena Lip Gloss in Glow, Essence Lipstick in Creamy Nude
Bottom: Maybelline Lip Liner in Nude, Maybelline Lipgloss in Born With It, NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Pink Nude


Top: Wet N Wild MegaGlo Illuminizer in Catwalk Pink, Savvy Lumiziner Illuminating Powder in Warm Beige, Hard Candy Baked Blush in Honeymoon (used as a highlight)
Middle: Essence Silky Touch Blush in Babydoll, NYC Blushable Creme Sticks in South St. Seashell and Berry New Yorker, ULTA Minerals Mineral Bronzer
Bottom: Wet N Wild Everything Under the Sun Bronzer, Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Spicy and Sweet, e.l.f. Studio Blush in Tickled Pink

I have actually used every single one of my blushes so far except for three (and a few that are in palettes) so when I have used all three of those, I plan to go back to just using whatever blush I feel like.  I have tons of unused eyeshadows but I will probably keep working at those until the end of my Project X Pan on June 8th.  Is it weird that I'm really excited to use a coral toned blush again?  It's my favorite for this time of year!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nail Wheel Swatch: Hi-Res

I recently picked up this beautiful purple holographic nail polish by Milani.  The polish is from the 3D Holographic line and is called Hi-Res.  I haven't had a chance to use it on my nails but when I swatched it on a nail wheel, it was too gorgeous not to share immediately.
in the shade
In the swatch above, you can see that the purple is very apparent and it appears to be laced with very fine silver glitter.  But when you look at it in the sun...
in direct sunlight
RAINBOW!!!!  And my camera couldn't even begin to show just how much of a beautiful holographic effect this polish had in the sunshine.  It really is a gorgeous polish and I can't wait to use it!  I have a special plan in mind for this polish, so I'm waiting to wear it on my nails for that day.

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Beauty Buying Mistakes

With only two weeks left in my Project X Pan, I've really been thinking about how I've ended up with so many products.  I've analyzed and come up with some explanations for my buying mistakes.

#1: I love this color
So I buy five of the exact same shade of shimmery taupe eyeshadow from five different brands, even though there is no discernible difference between any of them.  Or three of the same shade of matte coral blush... I could go on.

#2: I love this line
I try one shade of shadow and it's pigmented, soft and lovely.  The second one is a hit too.  Then I end up buying every shade of shadow they sell even though I know I will rarely, if ever wear that emerald or cobalt eyeshadow from Wet N Wild.

#3: I want to experiment
I want to branch out and try some different colors of eyeliner so I buy five different shades of blue eyeliner and only end up liking one of them.  Now I'm stuck with four duds.

#4: I have to settle
I do my research extensively.  I pick out the product I want, the shade I want and I go shopping with a well thought out and prepared list of the specific items I want.  Then they are sold out of all of them.  Or my store doesn't carry that item.  But I got so excited about having that product and I'm so disappointed that the store is sold out of it that I end up buying a similar item that I know nothing about and have heard nothing about and it ends up sucking eggs.

#5: Lack of knowledge
I do my research.  I go online and read reviews, product descriptions and ingredients labels and pick out what I think is the perfect hair product.  I get it home and turns out that my hair didn't need an anti-frizz serum, but rather a leave in conditioner to fight my frizz.  And I just don't know what product I should be buying because I don't know that much about hair types or products.

#6: Impulse Buys
I have to stop at the grocery store and pick up milk and it's been a crummy day at work and I'm tired and grumpy and then I see that beautiful new pink lipstick just staring at me.  I smile as I get out to the car and put it on.  I drive home, put the milk away, look in the mirror and OH MY GOSH it looks like I'm four and I've been playing in mommy's makeup bag!  What was I thinking?  Frosty hot pink is not your look, woman!

#7: Forgot to Save the Receipt
I picked up a lipstick while at the grocery store and forgot to save the receipt... it was only two items, after all.  Then I realize that the lipstick I now hate was $8.00 that could have been spent on that old lipstick that I used up and loved.

#8: Deceptive Store Lighting
I swear in the lighting at Target it looked like it had a golden undertone but I get it home to find out it looks like a completely different color in natural light... in a bad way.

#9: I'm Almost Out
I've used an anti-frizz cream until it seems to be nearly gone so I purchase a new brand.  Then I find that I like the new brand better and I never finish the first cream I had.  Or even better, I'm almost out of this mousse I love but I want to try something new so I go with a different product, hate it, and end up buying the old reliable product without ever making a dent in the faulty product.

#10: It's My Holy Grail
I've wasted hundreds of dollars on setting powders that I hate and I now have a drawer of ten powders that have been used three times.  The eleventh purchase is a winner - a Holy Grail makeup item - and since every Holy Grail I have gets discontinued a month later, I decide to stock up when it goes on sale.  Suddenly I have twenty of the same powder and even though it's great, I'm starting to get a little bored with it.

I could probably go on like this for enough pages to fill a book but these were the top ten mistakes I make when buying beauty products.  It's felt really good to use up so many items over the last two months but I'm looking forward to trying out (a few) new products!  I hope that maybe this post will help you to self-analyze your shopping habits as well and perhaps avoid some of my mistakes!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Collection

A rainbow of colors!  And that's not even all of the colors I have!  If you haven't already noticed from my nail polish posts, the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line is my absolute favorite line of nail polish.  I've never come across a bad formula or a color I didn't like.  They are all good to go in two coats and easy to apply.  Here are all the shades I own... although some day I'd like to own them all!
L-R: Shine of the Times (Limited Edition), Celeb City, Pumpkin Spice (Limited Edition), White On, Grey Area, Wet Cement
L-R: Cherry Red, Red Carpet, Flirt
L-R: Bubblegum Pink, Pink Satin, Twisted Pink, Hot Magenta, Fuchsia Power, Coral Reef, Caribbean Coral
Oranges and Yellow
L-R: Sun Kissed, Crushed, Mellow Yellow
L-R: Mint Sorbet, Green With Envy, Going Green
L-R: Blue Me Away, The Real Teal, Pacific Blue, Gunmetal, Deep Blue Sea, Blue It
L-R: Deep Purple, Lacey Lilac

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Seeing Pans

I have four items that I've been seeing pan on for some time now.
L-R: Physician's Formula Bamboo Wear Powder, Physician's Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Bronzer in Fair, NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder, Sally Girl Eyeshadow Single in Champagne

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bargain Buy: SH Salon Effects

I found this amazing bargain on these Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips at Big Lots.  This was the only color they had but it's a great summer shade so I decided to pick up two packs.  The color is called Squeezed and it's a pretty orange creme.  I paid $3.00 for each pack of these.
I've been wanting to try these Salon Effects for some time now, but at $8-$10 for one pack, they just seemed way too expensive in my opinion, especially when I can get an entire bottle of nail polish for $3 and it will last forever.  However, at $3 a box, I thought they were worth a try.  I'll be out of town for two separate trips this summer, so I'm hoping these might be a good alternative to painting my nails and hauling a base coat, top coat, and a bunch of other stuff with me on vacation.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Manicure Monday: Lime & Hot Pink

My husband helped me pick out the color combination for this one.  I knew I wanted to use Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Green With Envy but Brian picked out the hot pink color to stamp with and I love it!  Very springy/summery.  One coat of Orly Bonder Base Coat followed by two coats of Green With Envy.  Then I stamped on this flower image from Shany plate SH16 using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Flashy Fuchsia.  If you haven't already checked out my page above on my stamping polishes, you might want to take a look.  Finally, I applied a floating top coat using N.Y.C. Longwearing Nail Polish in Extra Shiny Top Coat.  Then things went sour.
You can probably see it the best in this picture above, but when I added the NYC Top Coat, it made tons of bubbles appear.  The bubbling is the worst on my ring finger.  I'm not sure why this happened.  I didn't shake up the bottle or run the brush over and over the same spot.  I will now be doing some experimenting to see if this is a consistent problem with this top coat or just a one time thing.
The great thing about this manicure was that it wore like titanium!  I painted my nails Tuesday night and by Saturday morning, I had only minimal tip wear but NO chips!  Finally by Saturday evening, the polish was starting to chip in a few places but that kind of wear is unheard of for me.  It was almost worth all the bubbling because that was a particularly busy week for me and I didn't really have time to repaint.  Again, I'll see if this is the top coat or just coincidence.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shopped Stash Items

I have another set of items that I shopped from my stash this week.  There aren't as many eyeshadows this week, as I've really been trying to finish up my Sally Girl Single in Champagne.  I'll have to admit, I'll be a little sad when that shade is gone, but luckily, I have many shades similar to it that can replace Champagne.

In the top left corner, we have the Rue Beaute Natural Eye Kit.  I've posted about this palette many times before, including a detailed post and pictures here.  I used this palette several times this week and I just can't get over how versatile it is.  Great warm summery colors too.  Below that is an e.l.f. Essentials Quad in Day 2 Night.

Going to the next column, there are three blushes.  At the top, L.A. Colors Blush in Spice, then e.l.f. Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve and Blushing Rose.  In the third column, e.l.f. Studio Blushes in Berry Merry and Fuchsia Fusion and Milani Baked Blush in Corallina.  The fourth column has two eyeliners side by side, Maybelline Line Stylist in bright highlight and Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil in Almost Famous.  The last column has an e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Coffee, Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie and Wet N Wild Wild Shine Lipstick in 920: Fling.  When I went to use the e.l.f. cream liner, I noticed it had pretty much dried up.  I was rather disappointed because I do like that liner, even though I don't use it that often.  I sprayed a little bit of my e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set on my liner brush and that seemed to help bring it back to life enough to use, but I'm not sure how much longer it will last.

Those are all of the color cosmetics I used this week.  For the coming week, I plan to really focus on using that Champagne shadow every day and maybe try incorporating some different crease shades to see how it goes.  Wish me luck!   I have less than three weeks to go on my Project X Pan so I'm trying to really focus on finishing a few last items.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

SOHO Crease Brush

I mentioned in my post yesterday about how I had purchased this crease brush at Walgreens.  I wanted to share some more information about this brush for anyone who is interested in picking it up.
It comes in a nice protective plastic tube.  On the back of the package, there is more information.  Below you can see close ups.
First we have some information about the brush.  I feel that this brush is too large for applying shadow on me, but I love it as a blending brush.  It's nice and large and really soft.
You also have some information on the back about how to clean it, in case you didn't already know how to clean a makeup brush.
Inside the tube is an insert that gives "beauty tips", which is really just kind of an advertisement for their other brushes and how you could use them.
The brush, as pictured above, is meant to be ergonomic but the plastic handle just feels cheap to me, which is disappointing considering that the regular price of this brush is $8.99.  I purchased this brush (with my own money!) on sale at Walgreens for $6.99.  While I dislike the handle and ferrule, the bristles are very soft, which is a plus.
And lastly, we have a close-up of the bristles.  For more information on this brush, check out

Friday, May 18, 2012

CVS/Walgreens Haul

Brian and I went out to eat at Red Lobster today and afterwards, we swung by CVS.  While we were there, I picked up a Milani 3D Holographic Nail Polish in Hi-Res.  I have a special plan for this nail polish, but you'll have to wait to find out what it is.  ;)  While there, I also printed out my CVS coupons and got a $5 off beauty rewards coupon so the nail polish was free!  (Price point at CVS is $4.99)

We also swung by the Walgreens across the street from CVS and looked there.  Is there always a Walgreens across the street from a CVS?

While looking at the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line, I saw that they had the shade Caribbean Coral!!  I've been looking for this shade for about two months now and couldn't find it anywhere!  And the best part is that I only paid $0.75 for it!  I'm not sure why, as it wasn't listed as sale priced or a clearance item but I'm definitely not complaining!

I also stopped by the makeup brush section and checked out a new line of brushes that they had at Walgreens.  The brand is SOHO and I ended up purchasing the crease brush.  I picked this up because I was in need of a fluffy blending brush that was softer than the one I currently have, as it hurts my sensitive eye area.  I am really pleased with the size and softness of this brush and I'm looking forward to trying it out tomorrow.  I might do an   entire blog post on this brush, as I often get questions from people about where they can get fluffy crease brushes for a good price.  I purchased this brush on sale for $6.99 but the normal price is $8.99.  So it seems today was my day for deals!  I got $16.97 worth of merchandise for $7.74 (before taxes).  Go me!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New PAGE! My Stamping Polishes

If you haven't noticed, I've added a new page at the top of my blog.  It's called My Stamping Polishes and lists all the polishes (minus Konad Special Polishes) that I own which are great for stamping.  I plan on doing a bit of revamping of my blog over the next few months so stay tuned for some fun new changes!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A New Love + My Math Nerdiness

Several people who read my blog or watch my YouTube videos have suggested that I should try the Equate Everyday Facial Hydrating Cleansing Cloths instead of the Olay Daily Facials.  As a lover of bargains, I was more than willing to give these a try when I ran out of my Olay.  I have a new love!  I actually like these even better than the Olay Daily Facials.  I find them to be softer, thicker, and more gentle on my skin.  They worked every bit as well as the Olay did but the price difference is huge!

Now for me to get all math teacher on this.  This Equate Hydrating Cleansing Cloths box, which has 60 cloths, costs $8.37.  A 66 pack of Olay Daily Facials is $11.97.  That means that per cloth, for Equate you would pay about $0.14 and for Olay you would pay about $0.18.  If you've been buying the Olay in packs of 33, the savings becomes even greater per cloth, as the 33 pack is about $0.21 each.  Now that might not sound like much of a difference, so let me persuade you with a bit more calculating.

Today's Problem of the Day: Equate sells facial cleansing cloths in packs of 60 for $8.37 per box.  Olay sells facial cleansing cloths in packs of 66 for $11.97.  If you used one cloth every day for a year, how much could you save in one year by using Equate?

Did you find the answer yet?  Well if not, I won't make you do the math.  I'm all sorts of math nerdy and I like these sort of things so here's how it works:

Equate: sells in packs of 60.  365 days a year divided by 60 cloths per box = 6.083333 so that means you'll need 7 boxes per year.  7 boxes times $8.37 per box = $58.59 per year

Olay: sells in packs of 66.  365 days a year divided by 66 clothes per box = 5.530303 so that means you'll need 6 boxes per year.  6 boxes times $11.97 per box = $71.82 per year

SOOOOOO $71.82 - $58.59 = $13.23.  Your yearly savings by using Equate would be $13.23!  That's two tubes of lipstick right there!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pedicure: Pacific Blue & Stars

I'm loving this pedicure!  It's what I currently have on my toes and I was going to change it on Sunday but I just like it so much I thought I'd go another week with it.  After a coat of Orly Bonder, I painted on two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue.  One coat probably would have been good but I always at least go for two.  When that was dry, I stamped with Konad Special Polish in White.  For the big toes, I used the center image from Shany Plate SH13.  For the little toes, I went with the similar but smaller image from the same plate.  I'm not sure if they are stars or flowers or star shaped flowers but I've gotten tons of compliments!  I topped it all off with a coat of N.Y.C. Long Wearing Extra Shiny Top Coat.

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Video: Updated Hair Routine

I just released this video on my updated hair routine.  Does anyone have tips for a frizzy straight-haired maven?

Manicure Monday: Fuchsia Power

I started off this manicure with Orly Bonder Base Coat, followed by two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Fuchsia Power.  This is a beautiful hot pink creme shade that makes a perfect addition to your summer polish collection.  Application and dry time are always a breeze for me with this line of nail polish.
Next, I used my new Shany Image Plates and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Silver Sweep to stamp this beautiful leafy image.  The design comes from plate SH05.  I stamped it on diagonally and this time I stamped each hand opposite, as you can see below.
I used a thin layer of N.Y.C. In A New York Color Minute in Grand Central Station as a top coat.  This is not actually labeled as a top coat but I've read from many nail bloggers that this is one of the best top coats around and for only $1.99, why not give it a try?  However, this manicure was chipping on me within less than twenty-four hours.  You can see the wear in the second photo if you enlarge it.  I think the problem might have been that I used a thin layer of top coat.  I've recently been experimenting with floating top coat (where the brush doesn't touch the nail) and I've had much more success in general with my manicures lasting.  My jury is still out on this top coat but I think it's every bit as good (and fast drying!) as my Seche Vite, at a quarter of the price!
I was so sad that this manicure only lasted two days but I definitely could see myself doing a pink/silver combo again soon.  Bright pinks are some of my favorite shades of polish.  What are your favorite polish shades?