Friday, April 6, 2012

Swatches and Photos: PF Blue Eyes Liners

Earlier this year, I did a similar post with the Physician's Formula Nude Liners from this collection and I thought it was high time to do the Blue Eyes set I have as well.  These are great liners that go on smoothly and have a bit of smudge time before setting to a finish that will last all day!  I really love this line of eyeliners and they have quickly become a favorite of mine.  While I prefer the colors in the nude eyes set, I like the blue in this set for something a little different.  The black and brown are also great and I definitely foresee myself using these liners up in their entirety.
In this set, you get a black liner, brown liner, and a navy blue.  According to the packaging, the blue liner makes a good natural look, brown is playful, and the black liner with blue shimmer works well for a dramatic look.  I think I'd switch around the uses for the brown and blue but you get the point!
What I really like about these liners is that you can use them on the lower lash line and they will not smudge, smear, or move!
The sets in this line include liner trios for Green Eyes, Hazel Eyes, Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes, Nude Eyes, and Smokey Eyes.  If you're interested in my post about the Nude Eyes set, then click here!

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