Friday, April 27, 2012

Protecting My Table From Polish

Does anyone else paint their nails at their dining room or kitchen table?  Well if so, then I'm willing to wager that you may have also accidentally gotten acetone, nail polish or glitter all over that table at one point in time.  (There are definitely spots on my table where the acetone has worn off the shellac!)  My table is a hand me down so I don't worry too terribly much about imperfections but I know for me, polishing can become a pretty messy business. About a year ago, I got this great free gigantic catalog in the mail.  I was going to throw it out but then I found that it made a great polish protector for my table.
However, as you can tell, it's seen better days.  The acetone has rubbed the ink off and it usually ends up all over my fingers, creating a vicious finger-cleaning cycle.  Then, I was reading Bregje's blog: Oooh, Shinies! and I saw in the Tips, Tricks, & How To section that she uses a clear placemat to do all of her nail art.  It protects her table and works as an easily cleanable surface.  What an ingenious idea!  So I headed off to my local Target to check out their placemats!
They didn't have any plain clear placemats but I found this cute leaf patterned one for only $1.99!  I use my nail art wheels to test out looks so I really just needed this for a surface to apply and remove polish so that my table is protected from the nail polish and remover.  It's a much better solution than the Restoration Hardware catalog; easier, prettier and cleaner.  Guess I can recycle that heavy old book now!

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