Friday, April 27, 2012

New Mascara

I completely forgot about this new mascara I picked up last week until I was searching through my photograph folders and stumbled upon it!  I am running low on waterproof mascara so I picked this up to try out as a replacement for my Almay Get Up & Grow Waterproof Mascara.  It's the e.l.f. Studio Waterproof Lenghtening & Volumizing mascara.  I recently went to my local Target store and after a brief remodel, they are now carrying e.l.f. products!  That's exciting because before that, the nearest Target store that sold e.l.f. was about thirty-five minutes away.  I've only had a chance to use this once so I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  Has anyone else tried this mascara?


  1. I think I just ordered this online. I'm curious to see how it performs as well.

  2. i have the washable formula, it's okay not sure about the waterproof formula.
    the washable one doesn't hold up to the claims for me, it just really define my lashes only, it doesn't give volume or length :(