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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Wet N Wild Shadow Singles

This is going to be a quick post today because I am exhausted and today is one of those days where I have a lot to do and only a little time!  I just wanted to share with you some swatches and photographs of my Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Singles.  The bottom row of neutrals is my favorite but the colorful shades are fun too!  The only one that really disappointed me was the blue shade, Lagoon.  In the pan it looks bright and deep but it swatches so much lighter in real life.  Sad.
Brulee doesn't show up that well because it's almost the same color as my skin but I promise that in real life it is a very pigmented shade.

(All shadows were swatched without eyeshadow primer.)

Quick description of each color:
Lagoon: light medium shimmery blue
Envy: medium shimmery green
Penny: (one of my favorites) a unique shimmery orange with a gold flip
Brulee: opaque matte cream
Nutty: shimmery brown taupe
Sugar: shimmery pigmented white
In order from most favorite to least favorite: Brulee, Nutty, Penny, Sugar, Envy, Lagoon


  1. I'm actually really happy with the quality of Wet n Wild. It makes me less envious of the people who can routinely afford MAC and other high end brands! I have a couple of Wet n Wild palettes, and they are my #1 go-to. Like you, I don't love all the colors equally, and a couple don't have as good a color payoff. But you find that with just about any brand, I think. Thanks for the swatches. I am going to look for some of the colors you posted.


    1. I think a lot of people have this idea that the more you pay for an item, the better it is. I have both drugstore and high end makeup and I think there are hits and misses with all brands but I find drugstore to be just as good as high end.

  2. Penny was discontinued. :(

    1. Boo!! It was such a pretty and unique color.

  3. I just barely got myself the Brulee after seeing all your vids about it, such a good idea! I'm sad though Lagoon was disappointing, I think it's so pretty while it's in the pan!

    1. I'm glad you like Brulee! I agree about the blue; very disappointing.

  4. I love Wet n Wild! So glad the youtube community got me into it and Nutty and Brulee are staples.